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Metro Manila is the national capital region of the Philippines with a population ranking it as one of the top 11 cities in the world. The metropolitan area, Metro Manila also consists of 17 several smaller cities, plus Manila City. The city of Manila derives its name from an ancient Kingdom of Maynila which existed in the 1500s. Old Manila is full of history and culture. You can explore the fortified city of Intramuros that was built during the Spanish era and numerous museums that reflect the colonial history of the city. Casa Manila Museum, San Agustin Museum and the National Museum of the Philippines are 3 of the most famous museums in the city. Many national government agencies are located in the Metropolitan area: Senate of the Philippines, the House of Representatives, and the residing residence of the President the MalacaƱang Palace. But if you try to sum up the culture of Manila, it would be a combination of Chinese, Spanish and modern American cultures melting together in one amazing city.

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