A microcosmic picture of Heaven on Earth, the pristine beauty of nature at its finest in Algarve is a sight for sore eyes. This picturesque region is situated in the southernmost part of Portugal, extending to the south of Tagus Valley, where it overlooks the great blue Atlantic Ocean. It is geographically split into two parts, Barlavento and Sotovento, the western and eastern halves, respectively. Algarve is the premier holiday destination in Portugal with over 200km of immaculate beaches towards the coast and an inland rich with historic landmarks and state-of-the-art architecture. The tourism scene in Algarve is elaborate and relatively cheap, which enables it to be peppered with vacationers all year round. Scenic towns, scrumptious vineyards, artsy museums, nature reserves and vivid estuaries dominate the terrain of one of the safest and most hospitable places in the world. The aquatic scene in Algarve is exceptional. It hosts over 100 beaches that are a breathtaking picture of glistening clean water, globally acclaimed as the most unpolluted. Here, one can sink their feet into the golden sand, take a stroll through the pine trees and devour the aesthetic beauty of cliff-backed coves and gleaming lagoons.

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Faro, the capital of the region, houses the rustic Old Town, which is surrounded by sturdy, worn-out walls that enclose baroque cathedrals, artisans’ workshops, ancient ruins and ethnic museums. Algarve is a golf-lover’s paradise with more than 30 lush green golf courses dotting the region, garnished with sparse vegetation and a serene ambiance. Abundant hiking trails snake through region, providing the perfect getaway for excursions and enabling you to channel you inner explorer. Algarve encapsulates all you need for the ideal vacation and much more, never returning any of its tourists unsatisfied.

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