Centro, or Central Portugal, lies in the pulsating heart of Portugal. Its intricate terrain spreads out from the dynamic Atlantic Coast towards the dramatic mountainous interior of the country. Bordered by two of the most significant Portuguese cities, Lisbon and Porto, Centro Portugal is both, a commercial metropolis and a strategic gem for Portugal. The epitome of serenity and hospitality, it witnesses an affluent tourist influx throughout the year. The landscapes descends from the majestic mountain peaks and plateaus, to the lush green lowland dominated by pine and chestnut forests, crisscrossed by several gushing rivers. It finally blends into the Atlantic in a divine communion of land and sea, giving panoramic views that are a treat to the eyes. Here, one can sink their feet into warm sand while devouring the turquoise water, take an enriching stroll down the rustic villages that line the coast, or channel their wild side by indulging in the numerous water sports that the beaches have to offer.

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Centro circumferences the first natural park to be inaugurated in Portugal, Serra da Estrela Natural Park, that boasts pristine nature and exotic species of wildlife, making it the ideal destination for memorable excursions. The tranquility and tolerance that dominates Centro’s air is embodied by Fatima, a religious sanctuary where different religious groups gather together, despite their differences to promote peace. Peppered with monasteries, castles, museums and ruins, Batalha, Coimbra and Viseu are encapsulating pictures of the rich Portuguese past. Centro is also home to many World Heritage Sites and sports some of Portugal’s finest architecture that is sure to astound one.

An artful amalgamation of the timeless and the temporal, Centro invites you to experience a paramount of experiences and make lasting memories.

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