Norte, or Northern Portugal, is the epitome of cultural diversity and profound historic wealth. It was from here that Portugal was founded and the Portuguese became a flourishing nation. The best way to explore Norte is to allow the region to captivate your aesthetics and seep its divinity into your veins. Strategically, it can be divided in to two parts, the coast and the inland. The coast encapsulates hospitable beaches, lined with seaside resorts and rustic villages. The inland, on the other hand, escorts one to take a nostalgic walk down the memory lane. It is peppered with rivers, vineyards, hiking trails, lush botanic gardens, waterfalls and prehistoric rock-art sites. Porto, the capital of Norte, is a sublime microcosm of the tourist culture in Portugal. This World Heritage city sports an astonishing blend of diverse ethnicities, ancient monuments, baroque churches, imperial castles, majestic mountains, well-preserved nature parks and a plethora of heart-throbbing adventures.

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Ideas for Norte vacations

Porto is especially acknowledged for its delectable Port wine that is devoured all over the world. Not far from the capital, one can plan a rejuvenating getaway to the serene town of Ponte de Lima, which will stun you with its medieval allure. With a challenging terrain dominated by mountains, canyons, rivers and streams, Peneda-GerĂªs National Park is the dream excursion spot for all adventure buffs that allows you can get a step closer to nature by interacting with a vast collection of wildlife that it shelters.

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