Argyll and Bute Vacations

Argyll and Bute destinations are located in an area of mountains, rugged peninsulas and lochs that are fringed with 23 inhabited islands located on the southwest coast of Scotland facing the North Atlantic Ocean. The Argyll and Bute coastline extends for 3,175 miles and is lined with 23 inhabited islands are interconnected by ferries to the mainland and each other. Each island has a breathtaking topography and beautiful sandy beaches to boast. The uniquely beautiful Loch Lomond, the largest Scottish lake, is situated in the center of the Argyll Bute region. Within Loch Lomond are 37 islands that are surrounded by the beginnings of the Highland Mountains. Passing along the shoreline of Loch Lomond is John Muir Way which is a 134-mile coast-to-coast hiking trail. Numerous castle ruins dot the landscape: Eilean Mor founded in 700-1300, the ruins of Coeffin Castle built in the 13th century, the ruins of Carnasseries Castle built in the 16th century and many more. Argyll and Bute family vacations also has more whisky distilleries than any other region in Scotland. The 25 mile long island of Islay has 8 distilleries. Campbeltown has 3 distilleries that are known for their malt whiskey. The capital, Lochgilphead, is a small village that is the perfect base for fishing and walking activities.

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