Clackmannanshire Vacations

It’s true what they say about good things—they do come in small packages. Clackmannanshire, or the “Wee County,” is the smallest but most wonderful county located in the heart of Scotland. Named after the ancient stone of the pre-Christian deity Manau or Mannan, the magnificent Clackmannanshire is surrounded in the North by the magical Ochil Hills, which separate it from Perthshire. The historical Fife county lies to the East and the gushing waters of River Forth border it from the South. Alloa, the principal city, hosts the oldest and the most spellbinding of landmarks in Scotland. Stone fortresses, abandoned towers, and romantic ruins of medieval castles are common sights, packed closely together in the most scenic 52 square miles of Clackmannanshire. These include the famous Alloa Tower, Sauchie Tower, Clackmannan Tower, Broomhall Castle, Menstrie Castle, and the mystical Castle Campbell. Visitors mostly prefer cycling their way around hill routes, dams, gorges, bridges, and valleys to fully absorb the serenity and splendor of Clackmannanshire. True to the Scottish tradition, a thriving whisky distillery is located in Cambus, a village near Alloa. A vacation in Clackmannanshire is quite literally a trip to Paradise for history buffs, families, groups, and wanderers alike.

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