Fife destinations include spectacular regions featuring rustic seaside villages, historic towns, ancient castles, scenic coastlines, splendid golf courses, and great food. Locally known as the Kingdom of Fife, it is located on an eastern peninsula facing the North Sea and bounded by Firth of Forth to the south, Firth of Tay to the north. This gives Fife a splendid 188-km coastline that is speckled with enchanting fishing villages, magical rock formations, and breathtaking scenery. The Ochil and Lomond Hills stand tall towards the west providing a majestic backdrop to the valley. The story of the Kingdom of Fife reflects the rich Scottish history through an extravagance of museums, castles and palaces. The town of Dunfermline was the Royal Capital of Scotland until the 17th century and has numerous historic attractions. Other sites include the ruins of the thirteenth century St Andrews Castle, the Falkland Palace which was the Royal Palace of the Scottish Kings, the fourteenth century Kellie Castle and gardens which are maintained by the National Trust, just to name a few. The capital is the modern town of Glenrothes, but it is St Andrews that is known as the home of golf, center of Scottish Reformation and Scotland’s first university. Although barely 50 miles at its broadest point, Fife family vacations have more to offer than you can probably consume in a single vacation.

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