Located in Northeastern Scotland, the region of Moray is surrounded by the Aberdeenshire and Highland regions in the south and the North Sea in the north. A paradise for nature lovers, families with kids, and history buffs alike, Moray is known for the some 130 bottleneck-dolphins that live in the Moray Firth and attract gazers from around the globe. The Culbin coast to the south of Moray Firth contains Britain's largest sand dune systems and the most peaceful of beaches, from where you can sometimes spot whales and seals. Gently rolling forest and coastal trails lead to spectacular viewpoints like Cullen Bay and Findhorn Bay; to ruins of ancient castles like Duffus Castle, Balvenie Castle or the still glorious Brodie Castle. Twelfth century Ecclesiastical buildings like Elgin Cathedral or ninth century Pictish sites like Sueno's Stone in Forres are places worth including in your itinerary. Most of the activity for families is concentrated toward the coast, and to the south, the undulating hills and valleys are filled with pine forests that change colors in autumn and set the landscape ablaze. Enchanting villages, scenic trails, excellent food, and plenty of historic distilleries complete the perfect vacation for all types of tourists.

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