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Addo Guesthouse

Woodall Farm
sleep Sleeps 20 in 10 bedrooms
This spacious and tranquil guest house has won numerous awards for their cuisine and wine. Situated close to Port Elizabeth and a few blocks from Addo Elephant park, it ensures a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Amenity: Hot Tub, Private Swimming Pool, Views

ZAR 350 – 1600
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Addo Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Addo Cape Province

Addo is a small town that is mostly known for its citrus farming and addition to the Addo Elephant Park. The biggest events in this small town are the polo tournaments, the game farms, the citrus farms, the Rose Festivals that usually occur in October, the food and craft stalls, hiking and 4x4 trails and of course the Elephant Park.

This hidden away little town offers something for every taste. It is also very rich in history that dates back as far as 1829. The River Valley is also a great attraction, which offers a scenic drive along the coast and golden beaches where some historic remains of the settlers are left behind when they arrived in the area.

Geography of Addo Vacations

This small town lies located in one of the most captivating parts of South Africa known as the Sundays River Valley. Surrounded by lush grass patches, dens Spekboom, wooded Kloof areas and mesmerizing Zuurberg mountain backdrops that offer many horse riding and hiking trails. This Malaria free town is also surrounded by many citrus estates, intriguing bird life and rose gardens.

The Addo area is home to 400 Cape Buffaloes, 600 Elephants, over 48 Black Rhinos that is an endangered species, the Transvaal Lion, a variety of antelope species, and the spotted Hyena.

Addo is classified as a Spring rainfall area and receives approximately 722mm of rainfall per year. The temperatures in the summer can be quite hot with an average of around 32º Celsius during the day. Winter months deliver an average of approximately 18º Celsius during the day.

Addo is a region in the Eastern Cape of South Africa just east of Port Elizabeth that encompasses the Addo Elephant Park. To the south it borders the coastal area of the Indian Ocean. The park is 445,000 acres that is the home to a variety of large mammals including over 600 elephants. The park even provides protection to marine species in the coastal waters along the Algoa Bay coast. Within the park, some of the protected species include white and black rhinoceros, lions, leopards, and even the dung beetle. In the coastal waters protection extends to the great white shark and the southern right whale.

History and Culture of Addo South Africa Vacations

The earliest inhabitants have been traced back to 5000 years ago, but the action only started picking up 1000 years ago when the Khoi Khoi arrived and settled in the Addo area. Many of them died when the smallpox virus broke out in the 1700’s. During this era the Xhosa tribes also entered the area and settled in the North of the Addo area along the Wit River. A lot of battles broke out between the Xhosa and Khoi Khoi tribes as they tried to claim as much land as possible. In the 1740’s the Boer arrived in the area searching for Ivory to trade and later settled in the area in 1750. The battles in this area escalated quickly until 1811 when a group of 1000 Boer soldiers defeated over 20000 Koi Khoi and Xhosa’s out of the Addo area till the Great Fish River.

Throughout the wars that took place in the Addo area the Elephant poaching numbers steadily rose and came to a point in the 1900’s where there were only small groups of Elephants left in the area. In 1919 Major PJ Pretorius passed a ruling that the remaining Elephants in the area had to be protected. They then set up camps but the Elephants kept on disappearing one by one, which totaled 114 Elephants per year. In 1954 the park erected an Elephant proof enclosure to protect the Elephants against poachers and since then the Elephant population grew beautifully. Today you will be able to see more than 550 Elephants in the Addo Game reserve and the numbers are still growing strong.