Cape Province Vacations

Formally named ‘The Cape of Good Hope’, Cape Province sprawls over a large proportion of the South African terrain. It has been divided into three constituent provinces—Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Northern Cape—since the end of the Apartheid era. With its extensive parameter, Cape Province encompasses a plethora of varied landscapes and panoramic scenery, imparting an aura of unmatched aesthetic appeal. The Western Cape is a sublime universe that encloses a striking mesh of fresh beaches, intoxicating vineyards, magnificent mountains, abundantly vegetated forests, citrus groves, animal farms, diverse gourmet cuisines and historic landmarks. Cape Town, of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, also lies within The Western Cape’s circumference. Here, one can depart on remarkably exciting excursions to the Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.

Cape Province Vacation Rentals and Cape Province Hotels

Villa (3)
Cottage (6)
Guesthouse (14)
Lodge (2)
Dispay all (25)
Sleeps 1-4 (1)
Sleeps 5-8 (9)
Sleeps 9+ (15)
Display All (25)
Boschriver Estate
Cottage Sleeps 10
Rates 200 - 400 ZAR
Woodall Farm
Guesthouse Sleeps 20
Rates 350 - 1600 ZAR
Villa Sleeps 10
Rates 360 - 1275 GBP
Cottage Sleeps 8
Rates 250 - 450 ZAR
Tranquility Guest House
Guesthouse Sleeps 8
Rates 450 - 650 ZAR
Villa Honeywood
Guesthouse Sleeps 6
Rates 800 - 1600 ZAR
Glen Beach House
Villa Sleeps 7
Rates 360 - 1250 ZAR
Guesthouse Sleeps 10
Rates 150 - 400 ZAR
Geln Beach Villas
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 450 - 650 ZAR
The Oak B&B
Guesthouse Sleeps 8
Rates 30 - 30 USD
La Fontaine
Guesthouse Sleeps 32
Rates 450 - 1500 ZAR
Karoopark Guest House
Guesthouse Sleeps 60
Rates 200 - 550 ZAR
Camdeboo Cottages
Cottage Sleeps 6
Rates 230 - 400 ZAR
A Stone's Throw
Guesthouse Sleeps 14
Rates 180 - 250 ZAR
Jenny’s Guest House
Guesthouse Sleeps 16
Rates 300 - 440 ZAR
Greyton Lodge
Guesthouse Sleeps 30
Rates 375 - 575 ZAR
Club Wild Coast Resort
Lodge Sleeps 6
Rates 790 - 1250 ZAR
Harkerville Forest Lodge
Cottage Sleeps 4
Rates 95 - 500 ZAR
Knysna Manor House
Guesthouse Sleeps 32
Rates 360 - 950 ZAR
Sanbona Wildlife Reserve
Lodge Sleeps 60
Rates 0 - 0 ZAR
Guesthouse Sleeps 10
Rates 325 - 480 ZAR
Nectar Cottage
Cottage Sleeps 8
Rates 185 - 375 USD
Sunshowers Guesthouse
Guesthouse Sleeps 12
Rates 250 - 760 ZAR
De Kloof Luxury Estate
Guesthouse Sleeps 14
Rates 395 - 800 ZAR
Cottage Sleeps 60
Rates 505 - 1205 ZAR

Cape Province Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Cape Province South Africa

Situated within the curved sleeve of the Orange River against the dramatic backdrop of Drakensburg Mountains, Eastern Cape Province is a feather in South Africa’s hat. It is home to the ‘dry heart’ of Africa, The Karoo Heartland. This vast semi desert sports undulating plains garnished with red dust, rock-strewn mountain slopes, a variety of exotic wildlife and clear skies perfect for stargazing at night. Frontier Country, the culturally affluent game reserve, and Greater Addo Elephant Park are also preferred tourist locales in the Eastern Cape.
The Northern Cape signifies the rich history and deep-rooted culture of South Africa. It is particularly famous for the marvelous display of flora and fauna. Since mining is of essence to this region, it houses the world’s greatest diamond deposit, The Diamond Fields. Another family-friendly recreational landscape is the enigmatic Kalahari Desert that is known for its epitomic wilderness and rare species that it shelters.