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Gauteng vacations are a well-defined picture of South Africa’s meticulously developed commercial scene. Given the sparking energy and stark urbanization, it throbs like the pulse of South Africa. A Sotho word that can be translated as ‘a place of gold’, Gauteng is the smallest South African province that stretches from the administrative hub of Pretoria in the north to the buzzing town of Vereeniging in the south. It lies entirely on high-altitude grassland arched by the River Vaal from the south. The climate at Gauteng is ideal for outdoor activities and recreational sports. One of the chief cities in Gauteng, Johannesburg, is also the largest city of South Africa. This infrastructural and industrial metropolis is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Apart from the wildlife excursions and scenic splendor that is typical to South Africa, Johannesburg sports a plethora of historic landmarks, museums and cultural centers.

Gauteng Vacation Rentals & Boutique Hotels

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The most prominent among these is the Apartheid Museum that tells the edifying and dramatic story of the Apartheids through visual aid and superior graphics. Wits Arts Museum is another family-friendly spot that invites you to witness traditional African art given a modern twist by enthusiasts, who are frequently seen exhibiting their works here. Adding to the rich history, Johannesburg houses the Constitution Hill that is a former prison to Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. In Gauteng, you can spend tranquil evenings at numerous botanical gardens or test your valor on a wildlife safari to one of the many nature reserves. Long story short, Gautang has everything to enthrall adventure seekers, families with kids, and romantic couples alike.

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