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Placed within the divine arc of the second largest river in South Africa, Limpopo is the embodiment of South African tourism at its finest. Bordered by Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, it enjoys a geographically and economically strategic location in northern South Africa. Limpopo sports a mosaic of contrasting landscapes that ascend from blissfully vegetated grasslands, exotic tropical forests, and a patchwork of semi-desert areas to the undulating slopes and majestic mountaintops. With its exceptional game viewing, Limpopo invites you to unleash your wilder side by indulging into activities like hiking, climbing, riding and going on exciting excursion trips to explore the widespread flora and fauna. The Limpopo experience is all about safeguarding and glorifying nature. The Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre gathers and nurtures poisoned, injured and endangered species from all around South Africa and releases them to their natural habitat after complete rehabilitation. It is also a gateway to the world’s most diverse wildlife reserve, the Kruger National Park, making it the perfect choice for a one-day excursion trip.

Limpopo Vacation Rentals & Boutique Hotels

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The historically affluent Mapungubwe National Park circumferences round the marvelously preserved remains of the once most culturally advanced African civilization. Here, one can steal a peek into the socio-politically enriched lives of the former settlements through the intriguing landmarks and ancient ruins that they left behind. The Mapungubwe National Park also invites you to witness an array of wildlife ranging from white rhinos lazing around under the afternoon sun and lions sneaking around behind the tall grass in search of kill, to herbivores spanning the lush, green extensive savannah. Explore the paramount of creativity at the Venda Art Route, or enjoy the privilege of spotting the extremely rare African white lion while riding on the backs of the friendly African elephants, Limpopo is indeed your one stop destination to the perfect holiday.

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