Hornos de Segura Vacations - Where to Stay


Hornos de Segura Vacations - Where to Stay

Hornos de Segura Apartment Rental

sleep Sleeps 16 in 6 bedrooms
Rural Apartments in Andalucia provide an excellent level of comfort at the center of the Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Nature Park

Amenity: Pet Friendly, Views, Wood Fireplace

EUR 59 - 88
Per Night
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Hornos de Segura Vacations - Where to Stay


Hornos de Segura vacations represent a municipality-village in the Jaen province of Spain.
The Jaen province that embraces this gorgeous village is just as beautiful itself. It is in the south of Spain, or more precisely in the east part of Andalusia. The borders on this province are the Albacete, Granada, Ciudad Real and Cordoba too.

Hornos de Segura is one of 97 municipalities and villages Jaen has. On the east of the Jaen region, there is the mesmerizing wall of mountains, the ‘sierra’ mountains. The Segura mountain range looks unbelievable and the sunsets there are unique. The name ‘hornos de Segura’ would be translated as ‘the ovens of Segura’.

What makes this whole region famous is the convenient areas for olive groves, which dominate the landscapes all over. Of course, many areas have olive groves, but here, the dedication and areas for such cultivation are incredible. This region is responsible for 40% of the olive oil production in Spain.

Among the mountains, there is a crystal-green lake that shows the colour of the nearby forests. There is a lot of water too and nearby the rivers that drain are to be seen; the Segura, La Toba, Zumeta and Juntas de Miller joining. Hornos de Segura, as part of Jaen, is basically located between Betica and Sierra Morena ranges, where Guadalquivir river starts.