Parque Montes de Malaga Vacation

Parque Montes de Malaga Condo Rental

Hotel Humania
sleep Sleeps 24 in 12 bedrooms
A small family run hotel, set in the mountains of Malaga where you can relax and forget all your stresses.

Amenity: Shared Swimming Pool

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Parque Montes de Malaga Vacation


Montes de Malaga is a park located just a few kilometers of Malaga municipality and it represents a gorgeous region of lush and rich forests and pine trees. The overall area it covers is 4.996ha, it has many small beautiful valleys and gorgeous water courses. During winter time, these water courses are fast-flowing and the waterfalls mesmerize with their beauty in springtime. Considering the proximity to Malaga, this area is a popular tourist and weekend destination.

This park is rich with the unique Aleppo pine trees that were planted near Rio Guadalmedina River and its basin. This action was started by the Malaga city council during a reforestation campaign that lasted from 1930 to 1950. This was done in attempt to stop and prevent flash flood disasters which have been a problem for Malaga for centuries.

This deforestation in the Mediterranean area and the woodlands there began in 15th century; now the Catholic Monarchs had control and possession over Malaga region and the land had many divisions. Those new owners had cut down the native trees and instead planted olive trees and grapevines as well. This massive deforestation marked the start of a chain of catastrophe floods in Malaga – the first one being in 1544 and they kept on happening until the 20th century. When the Agujero reservoir was created (at the same time with reforestation actions in 1930s), there were less disasters due to flooding.


In the late 19th century there was also phylloxera epidemic raging here and viticulture (study of grapes and vineyards) was the leading economic activity in this region. Such legacies are seen today as well with lagar houses on Montes de Malaga. The lagar house is a house object with main section for wine production in its center. Such lagar houses can be visited today too – they are made into a museum – The Ecomuseo Lagar de Torrijos

This park has lush flora and fauna, over 400 plant species, 90 bird species, 27 mammal kinds, 19 of the reptiles and 8 amphibians in total. The average winter here is mild and pleasant, temperatures being on average 17 degrees Celsius from December to February. The summer is just as pleasant with breezes from the Mediterranean coast.

The range of the hills is 80 meters to 1000 meters above sea level, with great diversity in the altitudes. The exact location of this natural park is in the river basin of the river Rio Guadalmedina, flowing to the west side of this park. Creeks feed into Guadalmedina and run on the southwest side, such as Arroyo de Don Ventura, also the Canada de Guijarro and Arroyo de Humaina. On the north side of the park there are the creeks Arroyo de Chopares, Arroyo de los Frailes and Arroyo de las Vacas.

The Sendero de Torrijos is a 3-km linear walk mostly for seeing some interesting local houses built in the 19th century. This walk starts at the Ecomuseo Lagar – the house that was converted into a museum. The inhabitants used to make wine here, they also baked bread and even made olive oil of impeccable quality. You can make a visit to this house and look at the oven for bread making, the nice wine cellar and the olive presses. The path further leads to Arroyo Chapares, crossed through a small bridge of stone. There is a water course along the path, bordering with willows, poplars and ash trees, with remains of a local, traditional house along the way – Lagar de Pacheco. You will reach a small dam here, and from there the pine forests will show to you, right next to another house remain – Lagar de Santilliana.

Overall, the natural park Montes de Malaga is a splendid reflection of gorgeous nature, rich history, unique species and rooted culture of traditions still followed today. On every side there are the traditional houses, the waterfall beauty, lush vegetation and flawless scenery.