Boracay Island Vacation

Boracay Island Boutique Hotel

Mandala Resort and Spa
sleep Sleeps 2 in 12 bedrooms
Unwind in the arms of luxury at the premier Boracay Island Resort. Inhale the cool breeze from the nearby beaches in a secluded, natural setting as you soak yourself in relaxation and bliss.

Amenity: Views, Sauna, Internet Access, Seaside

USD 250 - 390
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Boracay Island Vacation

Where to stay in Boracay Island is designed for people who go on a vacation to the Philippines have done so with plans that include staying on Boracay Island in one of the many Boracay hotels. The famed beauty of Boracay beaches has reached far places and continue to lure both local and foreign tourists alike to its shores. Boracay is an island paradise where it is summer almost all year round but a Philippine vacation in Boracay is more than just that!

Boracay island vacations are located on a tiny island only 7 kilometers long that is located south of Manila in the center of the the Western Visayas section of the Philippines Islands. Boracay Island is small but packed with amazing white beaches that are lined swaying palms and beautiful tropical jungles on one side and turquoise ocean on the other. It is known for it popular nightlife and for being the perfect vacation destination for tourists that are looking for a remote destination that offers a leisurely lifestyle. Boracay is the location of the Annual Dragon Boat Race and the Asian Windsurfing competition. The lifestyle is so laid back in Boracay that the most popular method of transportation is a tricycle which you can rent for a reasonable fee.