Silay Vacation

Silay Boutique Hotel

sleep Sleeps 2 in 1 bedrooms
Self contained furnished units (ground floor)

Amenity: Internet Access

PHP 750 - 1400
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Silay Vacation


The majority of those who are planning a vacation in the Philippines probably have never heard of Silay in Negros because it is commonly referred to as the Paris of Negros or Paris of the Philippines. This is because buildings that are sporting European architecture from the turn of the 1900s and beyond dot the landscape in Silay.

Quite a few of the European-style ancestral houses in Silay City have been declared as historical landmarks, making Silay another museum city in the Philippines next only to Vigan in Ilocos. The City of Silay in the province of Negros Occidental is a second class urbanized city in the Visayas group of islands. It is the capital of arts, eco-tourism, and culture in Western Visayas and can feel like some quaint European city from a few decades back. This isn’t to say that Silay was left by the times, but to mean that it has retained plenty of the old world charm that most people find so dazzling about old European cities. The best part about Silay that you won’t usually find in Europe? Plenty of Silay’s European colonial houses can be viewed by the public! Silay boutique hotels are popular for visitors to Silay.