Selimiye Vacation

Selimiye Villa Rental

Villa Manzara
sleep Sleeps 6 in 3 bedrooms
This idyllic hillside villa is a paradise for lovers. Hidden away in lofty mountains, it overlooks panoramic sea views while housing every comfort. Fishing, sailing and hiking are available close by

Amenity: Pet Friendly, Views, Jacuzzi - Outside, Wood Fireplace, Internet Access, Seaside, Shared Swimming Pool

EUR 40 - 105
Per Night
Owner Verified
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Selimiye Vacation


Where to stay in Selimiye are villas located in a small, lovely fishing village with time-honored roots. This seaside resort is located in southwest Turkey on the craggy Bozburun Peninsula in the Marmaris District. Located two and a half hours from the nearest airport, and an hour away from the popular tourist town Marmaris, Selimiye is a perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of vacationing crowds, and enjoy a tranquil seaside holiday.

Arriving in Selimiye Turkey, whether by boat (a common choice for visitors), mini bus, or taxi, you’ll find a little village jutting out on a tiny peninsula, nestled between encircling tree-covered hills and clear, glimmering water. Selimiye’s “Main Street,” where almost all tourist activity is concentrated, is a boardwalk facing the calm, dark blue bay and the panorama of mountainsides. The deep water of the natural bay is perfect for yachting and all kinds of water-based activities. Yachts and other boats offer beautiful day cruises for visitors, complete with peaceful views of some of Turkey’s loveliest scenery. Selimiye is a town rich with history and deeply rooted in tradition. It’s especially known for its tradition of building wooden boats.

The village is also known for the opulent Mediterranean stone Selimiye villas dotting the hillside, many of which are available for tourist stays. Though you’ll find numerous forms of accommodations, large hotels are banned on the peninsula, in order to preserve its slow-paced ambiance. Instead, you can choose from luxury Selimiye villas, quaint bed and breakfasts, small boutique hotels, and apartments.

The hills and winding roads around Selimiye offer many options for paths to explore, both through the woods and along the coastline, breathing in the fresh, pure mountain and sea air.

The Bozburun Peninsula, home of Selimiye and other tourist destinations, is bordered in one direction by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the other by the Aegean Sea. There’s no public beach in Selimiye except the small and narrow Silimani, which means “Shallow Water,” but there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the water.

Turkey boasts in the unspoiled beauty of the Bozborun Peninsula, Selimiye included, as a worldwide travel destination. The peninsula is home to many ancient ruins, and Selimiye is no exception.

When it comes to Turkey’s tourist attractions, Selimiye remains a bit of a hidden gem. For those looking for a quiet and delightful getaway, Selimiye is idyllic. Much of its charm lies in its quaintly preserved traditionalism, its ancient ruins, and its small-town atmosphere.