California Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay in California are destinations that lie on the west coast of the Continental United States. It has a coastline that stretches for 840 miles that runs from Mexico in the south to Oregon in the north and faces the Pacific Ocean. California locations are famous for being located along Pacific Coast Highway with it's amazing ocean views. California is a large vibrant state. It is known for its wine production in the Napa Valley, the Shasta Mountains, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park, The Mojave Desert and the Sequoia National Forest. Some of it's famous towns are Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, San Francisco and San Diego. California has an extreme landscape of desolate deserts, like Death Valley to beautiful mountain peaks of Mount Whitney (14,505 ft) and Mount Shasta (14,179). Vacations to Northern California encompasses the California Coastal area of Mendocino and areas north of San Francisco and the ski resort area of Lake Tahoe. Vacations to Southern California can include the metropolitan areas of San Diego and Los Angeles plus the beautiful southern California beaches. California destinations seem to have something for every member of the family.

California Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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California Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

California vacation destinations can draw in millions of tourists per year with people pouring in from all over the world eager to see Hollywood, the vineyards, the enchanting forests, the almost-Martian desserts, the national parks, and the numerous cultural attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. With so many places to see and new experiences to explore, California will surely be unforgettable!


The geography surrounding California vacation destinations is host to the most diverse of all the states in the US. Fertile valleys hold the wineries, snow-capped mountains teem with wildlife, the Mars-like land of the southeast are a sight to behold, the beaches facing the Pacific are worth a dip in the summer, and adventure awaits in the steep mountain cliffs and foothills. The Central Valley is 462-miles stretch of fertile valley between the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the Coastal Mountain Ranges where a lot of notable cities are. Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the 48 US states at 14,494 ft. and is part of the Sierra Nevada range. More mountain ranges include the Los Angeles Ranges, the Cascade Mountains, and the Klamath Mountains in the north. The southeast and far south of California geography is dominated by the Colorado and Mojave Deserts with the Death Valley running in the eastern border to Nevada, inhospitable lands in contrast to the lush valleys watered by the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers. It is no wonder that California is still as alluring to the tourists of today as to the explorers of the past. It just seems like California will never run out of surprises!


The modern history of the culture surrounding California vacation destinations began in the 1500s with explorers from England, Portugal, and Spain all describing a land like no other; however, only the Spanish stayed to try to colonize the Pacific coast area of California. Their forts can still be seen to this day and are part of the varied landmarks in California attracting visitors to San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo. The first true American pioneers arrived in California in the 1830s and more arrived with the gold rush in 1848 leading to the establishment of many towns such as San Francisco. California was named as the 31ist state of the Union in 1850 and grew more with the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. With time, more immigrants from the east coast made their way to the west coast. 1911 gave rise to the rebirth of the film industry when it moved to California and sealed California’s fate as the state of the stars. Post-WWII, California’s growth centered on technology with the inception of Silicon Valley. Today, Facebook, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Google are all based in California.


The culture of surrounding California vacations destinations has helped shaped the America of today together with the influence of NYC. Southern California’s laid back and glamorous culture contrasts well with the elegance and finesse of northern California’s technology hubs. The bay area and San Francisco is almost bohemian and carefree while Los Angeles is high-strung and dynamic, true to the nature of the entertainment industry. No matter where you’re from, you’ll be a perfect fit somewhere in California!


Take a look at the some of the top California vacation destinations that are located near major landmarks shared below and have fun planning your vacation itinerary! Many of these landmarks are perfect for California getaways.

Agua Caliente Indian Reservation
Visiting the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation means seeing parts of Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and Cathedral city as they’re all covered by the 126.7 square kilometers making up the reservation.

Alcatraz Island
Famed as a federal prison, Alcatraz, or “The Rock”, is also a fort, a lighthouse, and a military prison. It has become a tourist spot because of the unbelievable stories that are part of the island’s history.

Balboa Park
A 1,200-acre urban cultural park, Balboa Park features walking paths, several theaters, a few museums, the San Diego Zoo, open space areas, and gardens. A family-friendly tourist spot for sure.

California State Capitol
Home to the State Capitol Museum, the Office of the Governor, and the California Legislature, the California State Capitol building is a must for a photo-opt!

California's Great America
A sprawling 100-acre amusement park in Santa Clara, California’s Great America is another itinerary for a family outing.

Fisherman's Wharf
Locals say that you can’t be on a vacation in San Francisco without visiting Fisherman’s Wharf. They’re right, of course. It is worth a visit more so if you love the sea.

Fox Studios
Founded in 1935 and one of the 6 major American film studios, Fox Studios should be on your list if you‘re a movie buff!

Go For Broke Monument
A monument for the 16,126 Japanese American soldiers that served in the US Army in WWII, Go for Broke is definitely a historical site in California that’s a must-see.

Golden Gate Bridge
See the San Francisco Bay Opening to the Pacific Ocean at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. There are also hiking trails going to the best viewing spot of the bridge!

Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood Sign used to read as “Hollywoodland” because it was a real estate sign meant to advertise the housing developments in the hills above Hollywood. Who would have thought it wasn’t intended to refer to the movie industry, right?

Hollywood Walk of Fame
More than 2,600 brass stars embedded in the 15 blocks of sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, a stroll along the walk of fame will never be boring!

Knott's Berry Farm
One of the famous theme parks in the US, the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park in Buena Vista has 65 hectares of pure fun that kids and those who are young at heart will surely enjoy!

Lake Tahoe
The largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe is shared between Nevada and California. It is also perfect for a romantic getaway.

Legoland California
Kids will have a great time at Legoland with its aquariums, miniature park, and theme park. A day here might not be enough!

Monterey Bay Aquarium
More than 600 species of plants and animals are on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s both a historical landmark and cultural landmark.

Muir Woods
Drop by Muir Woods on your way to see the Golden Gate Bridge and you’ll not regret seeing this national monument!

Paramount Pictures
Still standing since 1912, Paramount Pictures is the oldest studio that’s still producing movies in the United States.

Redwood National and State Parks
45% of all the world’s coastal redwoods trees are protected in the 45,500 hectares of the Redwood National and State Parks.

Sacramento Zoo
The Sacramento Zoo is a great place to spend an entire day in if you’re around Sacramento. The zoo is 90 years old and still drawing crowds of tourists and locals alike.

San Diego Zoo
Managed by one of the biggest zoological membership associations in the world, the San Diego Zoo has more than 3,700 animals on exhibit from over 600 species and subspecies.

SeaWorld San Diego
SeaWorld San Diego is an oceanarium, an animal theme park, a marine mammal park, and an outside aquarium. What more can you ask for?

Sequoia National Park
A national park in the southern Sierra Nevada east of Visalia, Sequoia National Park spans more than 1,635 square kilometers. A beautiful place to appreciate nature and go on a hike.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios in Hollywood more than a theme park, it is a working film studio in Los Angeles that draws in thousands of visitors per week!

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park should be on your itinerary if you’re visiting northern California. The park covers more than 747,000 acres and is protected by the National Park Service.

Whether you’re after the glitz and glam of Hollywood, the fun-loaded theme parks, the adventure of seeing the national parks, or just want to bask in the eclectic culture of California vacation rentals, the best California vacations are right at the tip of your fingers! Start planning your vacation to California by mapping out what attractions and landmarks you want to see and be sure to your accommodations in advance so that you’ll have more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about where to stay during visit to California.

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