Boca Raton Vacations - Where To Stay

Boca Raton Villa Rental

East Boca/Palm Beach Farms Vacation Home
sleep Sleeps 10 in 4 bedrooms
Boca Raton Vacation Home and Boca Raton vacation rental

Amenity: Private Swimming Pool, Internet Access

USD 215 - 290
Per Night
Location Verified

Boca Raton Vacations - Where To Stay


Boca Raton vacations are located in the Southeastern coast of Florida, facing the Atlantic ocean. Boca Raton vacation rental are located in a residential community just north of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The city boundaries extend to the barrier island where you will find a 2 miles of beaches along the Boca Raton barrier island that weaves along it's coast. On the mainland, mot of the streets have canals that allow navigation to the ocean. The city surrounding Boca Raton vacation rentals are located in a very modern and cosmopolitan city. It does have it's historical side, the architecture of Addison Mizner in the early 1900's brought a Mediterranean Revival style of stone, tile and stucco to the wealthy homes of Boca Raton residents.