Clermont Vacations - Where to Stay

Clermont Short Term Villa Rental

sleep Sleeps 10 in 4 bedrooms
The property provides elegant, spacious, fully air conditioned, open plan living for 8 people

Amenity: Private Swimming Pool

GBP 75 - 100
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Clermont Vacations - Where to Stay


Where to stay in Clermont is a destination that allow you to experience a small quiet bedroom community located in the Kissimmee Orlando region. Clermont vacation rentals are located 20 miles to the west of Orlando and the popular Walt Disney Amusement Parks located in the area. Nearby Clermont are a series of lakes called the Clermont Chain of Lakes which in total covers over 8,000 acres. These 12 different lakes are the perfect place to enjoy sunsets and watch the water birds fly over the lakes. Lake Louisa is the largest lake and its 4,500 acres include mangrove swamps and beautiful sunsets and is the perfect stopping point for Clermont vacations..