Daytona Beach Vacation

Daytona Beach Condo Rental

Hawaiian Inn Condo
sleep Sleeps 6 in 1 bedrooms
Come see for yourself why this beach is world famous!

Amenity: Views, Jacuzzi - Outside, Shared Swimming Pool, Internet Access, Beachfront, Hot Tub, Pet Friendly, Seaside, Private Swimming Pool

USD 60 - 110
Per Night
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Daytona Beach Vacation


Daytona Beach vacations became the epicenter for racing fanatics who used the hard packed beaches to test new racing machines and pushed them to break several land speed records during the 1900s. Henry Flagler continued his expansion of hotels and land acquisitions down the Atlantic coast from St. Augustine into the area today known as Daytona. One hotel he purchased was the Ormond Hotel located directly a remote section of the beach in the small town of Ormond just north of Daytona. By 1905 the small hotel had expanded to 400 rooms. As usual, Flagler would build first and then figure out how to get tourists to his resorts. One group of visitors to the Ormond Hotel, were the new automobile pioneers of that era. With the encouragement of Henry Flagler; Ransom Olds, Henry Ford, Lewis Chevrolet and others gathered at the garage built at the the Ormond Hotel. Racing soon became a gentleman's sport and Daytona seemed to draw those intent on becoming the next record holder. The first speed record was set by William Vanderbuilt and his Mercedes in 1904 when he reached 92.04 miles per hour. This was where they tested their new machines on the long flat beaches of Daytona. Ormond and Daytona have attracked racing enthusiasts ever since.