Everglades Vacation

Everglades Cottage Rental

Glades Haven Cozy Cabins
sleep Sleeps 4 in 1 bedrooms
GLADES HAVEN COZY CABINS - Everglades vacation rental

Amenity: Private Swimming Pool, Views

USD 90 - 140
Per Night
Location Verified

Everglades Vacation


The Florida Everglades is one of the rarest types of wild areas in North America. It is composed of rugged, subtropical landscape that’s breathtakingly beautiful. Not is only is the marshlands of the Everglades in Florida a haven for wildlife, it is a favorite vacation destination for those looking for an adventure in southern Florida too! With a geography made up of a network of prairies, wetlands, and forests, the Everglades have plenty of sights to see and places to explore for tourists. Big Cypress National Preserve is located near Everglades City and can be visited year-round. If you’re traveling around February, the Everglades Seafood Festival is a must-attend on your list if you’d love to get a taste of the bountiful seafood in this area of Florida. Fishing and canoeing are other fun activities you can try in the Everglades too!