Sanibel Island Vacations - Where To Stay

Sanibel Island Condo Rental

Sandpiper Beach Condo
sleep Sleeps 6 in 2 bedrooms
Sandpiper Beach Condo Beachfront

Amenity: Private Swimming Pool, Views, Internet Access, Beachfront, Seaside, Shared Swimming Pool

USD 115 - 340
Per Night
Location Verified

Sanibel Island Vacations - Where To Stay


Where to stay in Sanibel Island an island that is located 14 miles to the west of Fort Myers, in Lee County, Florida. The island consists of a narrow strip of sand that sits parallel to Florida’s Gulf Coast. Before May of 1963, visitors had to take a ferry to get to the island, but that changed when the Sanibel Causeway was built. The causeway made it much easier to get to Sanibel Island and turned it into a popular tourist destination. It’s no wonder countless people hop on the causeway and head to Sanibel Island. It has state-of-the-art landmarks and gorgeous beaches, making it a must-see for travelers. Read up on what you can expect and where to stay in Sanibel Island.