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Unique Beach Rentals

Beaches are made for vacationing and few activities can rejuvenate you like staying in a family beach rental listed on Vacations Abroad. Whether you are looking for a oceanfront villa, beachfront condo or seaside resort, you will find perfectly unique vacation rentals on our site. Are you dreaming of a relaxing on a beach and returning in the evenings to your own private home away from home where you can relax after a fun filled day of playing volleyball, chasing the waves, or working on your tan? The beach properties listed on Vacations-Abroad.com will satisfy all your needs.

Unique Vacation Apartments

If you are heading towards a big city or even a small town for your family getaway, and you want a comfortable and economical place to stay away from the bustling hotels, then renting a short term family oriented apartment through Vacations Abroad may be your best bet. Short term apartments provide more privacy than a hotel, and are usually more spacious and can easily accommodate a family. These typical privately owned apartments includes one (or more) bedrooms, a living area or lounge, and a kitchen; but there can also have many more elaborate options.

The unique vacation apartments listed on Vacations Abroad are usually fully serviced, with the same facilities that any decent 4- or 5-star hotel would offer. More upscale projects have spas, tropical gardens, and a variety of in-house sporting facilities, apart from designer interiors and exotic cuisines. Private apartment rentals can provide luxury and privacy, but it may not offer the same level of activity and entertainment that a hotel lobby does. Yet, a family may prefer staying in a private apartment when they are with other members of their families or when they want more space for a lesser price. There are several advantages to renting a vacation apartment instead of staying in a boutique hotel or boutique resort. The advantages are 1) Budget: Apartments abroad are often more economical than hotels and boutique resorts 2) Local Color: they might be in a neighborhod where you get a chance to visit, meet locals and make lifetime friends.

Unique Vacation Resorts

Many of the unique vacation resorts that are listed on Vacations Abroad, are places where you can stay in absolute luxury while experiencing the natural charms of your exotic surroundings. These family resorts usually feature a semi-open lifestyle, with huge swimming pools, health facilities, sports, adventure tours, and a host of other activities on the menu. The more exotic destinations have boutique resorts that can add an additional spice to the flavour of these unique destinations by allowing you to surround yourself in a luxurious and relaxing environment during the evenings, after enjoying the the thrill of vacationing in an unusual location during the day.

Experiencing a rejuvenating spa, jacuzzi, sauna, or beauty club are among the common features of many of the vacation family resorts listed on Vacations Abroad. And the boutique resort's activities are not just limited to relaxating events but can include sporting activities such as tennis, badminton, table tennis, pool, gym, bowling, and more. Many of the family beach resorts abroad have a casino for vacationers to try their luck while on vacation. The more vacation family resorts listed on Vacations Abroad offers personalized adventure facilities, including safaris (usually offered in African resorts), guided tours, balloon rides, boat rides, water sports, snorkelling and scuba diving, and a lot more. Family vacation resorts are favourites among large groups and families, who prefer the facilities because they have something for everyone, especially for children. Vacationers love the sporting facilities, activities, and the warm, happening atmosphere of a resort that is oriented toward family activities.

Unique Boutique Hotels

Small unique boutique hotels take the luxury lifestyle to new pinnacles by combining personalized service and an extraordinary living environment. Themed like art galleries and often located in historical buildings, boutique hotels come in a variety of styles. Many of these unique hotels offer an upscale vacation at some of the most exotic locations in the world. Don't get surprised if you run into celebrities and the rich and famous while staying in these luxury hotels. The glamour and the extravagant comfort that romantic boutique small hotels provide make them a favourite among the discerning lifestyle traveller.

There are all kinds of unique hotels listed on Vacations Abroad. These small hotels are truly unique places, offering a colourful assortment of highly customized services and a warm, welcoming environment. To qualify as a boutique hotel, it should offer something out of the ordinary. A thematic interior, personalized spas and beauty clinics, custom menus, and intimate service are some of the key features of small boutique properties. These top ranking luxury hotels inspire their guests with exotic ambiance that cause the hotel to stand out among regular hotels because of its original design and highly specialized services. Small boutique hotels offer every luxury and facility that small hotels can boast, and yet they also offer something beyond that as well for your next family vacation abroad.


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