The Kingdom of Cambodia was once known as the Khmer Empire. Even though the name has changed, Cambodia’s culture and history were tied to the beliefs of an ancient society that considered the monarch to be a “divine king” or “living god”. Based on this unique belief system, huge temples were built at Anghor Wat that were designed for the royal family. And today they still have a symbolic King that traces lineage back through the original Royal Family. In contrast to the elaborate political structure that once ruled Cambodia, today you can see rice farmers wading through their fields of rice paddies bent over as they harvest Cambodia's major crop. During the summer monsoon wet season the Mekong River floods the landscape and the surrounding rice fields.

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Cambodia has a population of over 15 million and the official religion is Theravada Buddhism, practiced by approximately 95 percent of the population. The capital and largest city is Phnom Penh, the political, economic, and cultural center of Cambodia. The kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with Norodom Sihamoni as head of state. The head of government is Hun Sen, who is currently the longest serving non-royal leader in South East Asia and has ruled Cambodia for over 25 years.

The tourism industry is the country's second largest source of hard currency after the textile industry. The historic and unique sites like Angkor Wat in Siem Reap where one can see endless rice fields, the capital City of Phnom Penn and the Beaches of Sihanoukville are the primary attractions to visit.

Most visitors arrived through Siem Reap where the Angkor Wat historical park is located. The remainder of the tourists arrive through Phnom Penh the capital and largest city in the country, and several other destinations, like Sihanoukville on the Gulf of Thailand in the south west with several popular beaches. Another popular town is the sleepy riverside town of Battambang in the east, both of which are a popular stop for backpackers who make up a large portion of visitors to Cambodia. The area around Kampot and Kep, also on the coast with lovely beaches, including the Bokor Hill Station are also of significant interest to visitors.

Most of the tourists are from the Far East, America and France. Tourism has been one of Cambodia's triple pillar industries--The Angkor Wat historical park in Siem Reap province, the beaches in Sihanoukville and the capital city Phnom Penh are the main attractions for foreign tourists. If the object of a vacation is unusual sites and restful beaches, then Cambodia will not be a disappointment

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