The Philippines are a series of 7000 islands that are located off the coast of South East Asia between Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It was the Spanish that colonized the Philippines in 1521 when the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived on their shores. Today the country is a combination of cultures: European, Asian, Arab and Indian, all blend in this cosmopolitan country. The country is dotted with Spanish-Filipino colonial architecture and surrounded by thousands of uninhabited beautiful tropical islands, coral reefs, and monsoon rain-forests. Cosmopolitan cities of Manila and Quezon City burst at the seems with people and a myriad cultures.

Philippines Vacation Rentals

Philippines Condos

Mosaic Tower  is a Metro Manila Condo

Mosaic Tower
Greenbelt Makati City Condo is a Metro Manila Condo

Greenbelt Makati City Condo
Greenbelt Chancellor is a Metro Manila Condo

Greenbelt Chancellor
SoMa Condo is a Metro Manila Condo

SoMa Condo
NewPort Residential Resort is a Metro Manila Condo

NewPort Residential Resort
Makati Philippines 3 Bedroom Condo  is a Metro Manila Condo

Makati Philippines 3 Bedroom Condo
California Garden is a Metro Manila Condo

California Garden
Rosewood Pointe Condo is a Metro Manila Condo

Rosewood Pointe Condo
jKSUITES at Ohana Place is a Metro Manila Condo

jKSUITES at Ohana Place
Mayfields Park 2 Bedroom Condo is a Metro Manila Condo

Mayfields Park 2 Bedroom Condo
Mayfields Park Ground Floor Condo is a Metro Manila Condo

Mayfields Park Ground Floor Condo
Beacon Makati - Studio Unit is a Metro Manila Condo

Beacon Makati - Studio Unit

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