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India, which is a country located in the southern subcontinent of Asia, is one of the most populous nations in the world and teeming with history. It's capital is New Delhi with a metropolitan population of 21 million. Along it's northern border are majestic Himalayan mountains, which are noted for being the highest mountains in the world. Through the country flows the famous Ganges River with its source in the Himalayan Mountains where six rivers merge. The Ganges River is sacred and considered to be the personification of a goddess and the source where pilgrims go to wash away their sins. The Mugal empire ruled the country during 14-16th centuries and left behind elaborate temples and palaces which include the amazing temple of the Taj Majal. India is also the birthplace to 4 religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

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Things to see and do in India

Visit the old and ancient city of Varanasi where hordes of people bathe in the Ganges River, hoping to wash away their sins.

Gaze upon the Taj Mahal, a white marble mausoleum built in Agra during the 1600's, in memory of the 3rd wife of Shah Jahan.

Walk through the Ajanta Caves located in Maharashtra which are believe to Buddhist caves that date back to the 2nd century.

Enter the Mehrangarh which is one of the most famous forts built in India and sits on a rocky hill overlooking Jodhpur.


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