Nepal Vacations - Where to Stay

Where to stay in Nepal are destinations located in a landlocked country located in South Asia located between the countries of India and Tibet. Through the center of Nepal run the amazing Himalayan Mountains. The majority of the mountains lie within the 22,966 ft range but within the Nepalese Himalayan mountains lie Mount Everest, known locally as Sagarmatha, which rises to 29,000 feet. The capitalof Nepal is the city of Kathmandu, which has a population of 1,000,000 in 2011. Nepal is divided into 5 geographic regions: Himalayas, Kathmandu Valley, Middle Hills, Western Tarai and Eastern Tarai. Hiking and trecking are the most popular activities in the region for hiking vacations in Nepal. When visiting, learn to practice saying "Namaste" which is a traditional greating which means 'The divine in me salutes the divine in you.' There are many destinations that you should experience.

Nepal Vacations - Where to Stay

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Nepal Vacations - Where to Stay


Where to stay in Nepal are destinations that are located in the midst of some very unique geography in that it has a lot of wetlands despite being a hilly and mountainous country. Its rectangular shape is also divided into 3 zones that span east to west, the Tarai region, the Hill region, and the mountain region. The Tarai region is mostly flatlands bisected by wetlands and rivers in the Southern third of Nepal. The Hill region is the middle of the rectangle, and the Mountain region is the northernmost third which is home to the famous Himalayas.

The combination of rivers, lots of valleys, different elevated areas, low flatlands, and snowy mountains is what is responsible for the very rich flora and fauna of the country as well the breathtaking sights and sounds you’ll experience when you stay in Nepal vacation rentals. Because of the varied the geography found in the various areas, the way people live in those areas and the local culture differs as well. Nepal boutique hotels provide the opportunity to experience a beautiful country and a unique culture. When you experience Nepal boutique hotels, it will be the experience of a lifetime.


The history of Nepal goes back thousands of years but what experts have a record of only goes a little over a thousand years. The rich Kathmandu valley is believed to be the site of the earliest Nepalese civilization and kingdom with various peoples settling the area successively after battling with previous occupants of the land. The era of great change in the history of Nepal came with the Mallas’ 550 year rule which started in the 1200s. They built splendid palaces, amazing squares, and numerous temples. It was their rule that gave us a glimpse of the first truly organized Nepalese society complete with established government, religion, and arts. Their reign not only introduced art, music, and literature to the country but helped those flourish as part of the Nepalese culture. Yaksha Malla’s death brought the division of the Kathmandu valley to 3 separate kingdoms with about 46 different independent principalities. This is notable because although there’s separation, the area was generally peaceful and even allowed the travel of Capuchin friars to Tibet. Much of what we know about this time in the history of Nepal were written by those Capuchin friars.

The peace was broken when Prithvi Narayan Shah, an ambitious Gorkha King, decided to conquer the other kingdoms in the valley. His actions brought on the Shah dynasty which ruled a unified Nepal for more than 200 years, from 1769 to 2008.

Nepal abolished its 240 years old monarchy in May 28, 2008 and is now led by a Prime Minister who heads the government and a President as the Head of Estate.


• Chitwan National Park
The park features a lake with tree trunks in the water. Is formerly named as the Royal Chitwan National Park. The Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal in 1973 and reached World Heritage Site status in 1984. It is located in the subtropical Inner Terai lowlands of south-central Nepal and covers an area in the districts of Nawalparasi, Chitwan, Parsa, and Makwanpur. It is unique because it features the beautiful diversity of the geography of Nepal with varying ranges in altitude in its valleys and hills. The Chitwan National Park has a lot of wildlife owing to its previous history as a royal hunting ground. No less than 68 species of mammals call the national park their home. You can visit the Chitwan National Park during your Nepal vacation either thru the Tharu settlement of Meghauli Village or the tourist town of Sauraha that happens to offer some interesting travel packages.

• Kathmandu Valley -
Kathmandu Valley, which stands at the crossroads of Asia’s most ancient civilizations. As such, the site features more than 130 monuments and no less than 7 World Heritage Sites. Don’t mistake that Kathmandu Valley is a forgotten place of old monuments, though. It is currently the most densely populated area of Nepal and is quite modern. Definitely a must-see during your Nepal vacation. Don’t forget to visit the Changu Narayan temple, Kathmandu Hanuman Dhoka, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Patan Durbar Square, including Swayambhunath and Boudhanath and two famous Hindu shrines, Changu Narayan and Pashupatinath temple.

• Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha
Rupandehi District in Lumbini Zone is known as the place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama in 563 BCE. The place has been a World Heritage Site since 1997.

• Sagarmatha National Park
The Sagarmatha National Park (also called sagaramatha rariya nikuñja) is a protected area. It is located in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal that is home to Mount Everest. The area is identified as an important bird area and has been a tourism zone since the 1960s. The biggest attraction here is nature and sight seeing.

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