Switzerland Vacations

Switzerland is a small landlocked country located in central Europe with the Swiss Alps running through the country. Switzerland has always been associated for their alpine region which covers over 60% of the country. Switzerland is also known for their politically neutral stance in regards to international politics and have enforced their views when they signed the Treaty of Paris in 1815. Prior to that time, Switzerland had been a loose alliance of French, Italian and German speaking villages and communities. Today that linguistic background can be found in the numerous languages that are part of the Swiss culture: 74% speak German, 20% speak French and 4% speak Italian.

Switzerland Vacation Rentals and Boutique Hotels

Switzerland Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Switzerland

Visit the amazing scenery of the numerous lakes found in the Swiss Alps: Lake Geneva, Lake Luzern, Lake Zurich, or Lac Neuchatel.

Indulge in the famous Swiss experience of French Fondue.

Be sure and taste all the examples of Swiss Chocolate that cross your path.

Pet a cow and remember that those cows are providing you with all that delicious Swiss Cheese.

Stroll through Oberhofen Schloss Castle and Gardens that were built on Lake Thun, probably in 12th century.