Switzerland Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

Where to stay during Switzerland vacations that are located in a small landlocked country located in central Europe with the Swiss Alps running through the country. Switzerland vacation ideas have always been associated for their alpine region which covers over 60% of the country that is popular with those looking for ski destinations in Switzerland. The country is also known for their politically neutral stance in regards to international politics and have enforced their views when they signed the Treaty of Paris in 1815. Prior to that time, Switzerland had been a loose alliance of French, Italian and German speaking villages and communities. Today that linguistic background can be found in the numerous languages that are part of the Swiss culture: 74% speak German, 20% speak French and 4% speak Italian. There are many Switzerland towns and villages that you should visit while enjoying Switzerland vacation destinations.

Switzerland Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

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Switzerland Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay


Where to stay during Switzerland vacation destinations which are associated for being surrounded by lush, natural greenery, rivers, lakes, ski resorts and Alps as well as being a wonderful destination that is also home to some tasty Swiss chocolates, cheese and gorgeous watches. It’s consists of 26 Cantons and is bordered by Germany to the north, Italy in the south, Austria and Liechtenstein in the east and France located in the west. Switzerland is officially known as the Swiss Confederation and has a population of 8.3million people (2016). The main languages spoken in Switzerland include Romansh, German, Italian and French, and when visiting the country it’s always best to be familiar with one of the four main languages.

Getting around Switzerland is simple and it is known to have the most reliable transportation system with various means including buses, trains, trams and taxis. You can also choose to rent a vehicle but will need to purchase a special license in order to drive bigger vehicles like motor homes around mountain passes. Ferryboats are also frequently used to cross large lakes.


Archeological findings suggest that hunter gatherers resided in the lowlands of the Swiss Alps an estimated 150,000 years ago. Christianity was re-introduced to Switzerland by Irish Monks within the 7th Century. Before this, Switzerland was also occupied by Celts, and tribes such as the Helvetii and the Raetia. Switzerland has been through various transitions historically that has assisted in shaping it to the wonderful country known today. During August of the year 1291, the cantons made up of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden united as one, to work together towards peace, after the death of Emperor Rudolf I of Habsberg. This was the very foundations of the old Swiss Confederation. It is one of the only countries that have not actively been involved in war since the 1500’s but instead provided a neutral and safe passage for warring sides. Because of its reputation, it has earned great respect from neighboring European countries as well as internationally.

Where to stay in Switzerland vacation destinations are blessed with not only breathtaking scenery and natural features, but is also a wonderful place to stay in whether you’re visiting or even looking to live and work in the country on a long-term basis. Switzerland vacation ideas have plenty of excellent places to see and experience as the country is known for many things like the famous Swiss Alps, cabins and ski adventures and while snow sports are popular, the country also has its iconic Swiss lakes that include the likes of Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich and Lake Neuchatel which offer exquisite views and scenery.

In literature there are a number of famous authors, historians and critiques, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jacob Burckhardt, Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, Carl Spitteler and Herman Hesse to name just a few. Apart from literature, Switzerland has also contributed a great deal to science with famous scientists such as Albert Einstein although German born, he moved to Switzerland at the age of 16 to become a citizen.

The Swiss aren’t considered strict on religion but religion is practiced which include the likes of Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Buddhists and Jewish. Many of the Muslims in Switzerland are asylum seekers which according to the census of 2000 were about 300,000 in total.

Switzerland vacation destinations are well known for their popular ski destinations but you can also enjoy other sport such as golf, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, handball, basketball, paragliding sailing and swimming which are very popular for Switzerland getaways. Whether you’re visiting from your home country and looking to enjoy some great outdoor adventure then Switzerland is truly an ideal destination.


Interlaken is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations and was called Aarmuhle until the 1891. Interlaken became popular as an international resort from as early as the 1800’s because of artistic influences from artists such as Franz Niklaus Konig who was famous for his landscape paintings.

*Palace of Nations
Place of Nations is the official residence of the United Nations in Geneva since 1946. A competition was held for the design of the building and it was constructed between 1929 and 1938 to serve as the main offices of the League of Nations.

*Moritz Engadin Valley
Moritz is known for its beautiful sunny climate and is an excellent tourist destination. Even as early as 1928 and 1948, Switzerland’s Moritz Valley hosted the winter Olympics. Other winter sports events like skiing is also no stranger with major events like the Alpine Skiing Championships having been held in 1934, 1974, and 2003.

Other iconic destinations to visit include:
• Gstaad Village
• Jungfrau
• Chateau de Chillion
• Old City of Burn
• Zurich City

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