Italy Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

Where to stay during Italy vacations is a decision involving numerous vacation locations scattered along a large boot-shaped peninsula that extends into the Mediterranean Sea with the Adriatic Sea on its eastern coast and the Tyrrhenian Sea on it's western coast. The country also includes two large islands, Sardinia and Sicily. The history and culture of Italy have influenced modern society in regards to art, culture, science and food for centuries, making Italy very popular. The Renaissance was a period where culture and art and money were combined to create masterpieces in literature, painting and architecture. Today these sights are the major draw of tourists planning their Italy getaway. Whether it is the beautiful Tuscany walled hilltop villages surrounded by wine and olive vineyards or the master pieces created by Michelangelo, Leonardo or Raphael found in Florence a vacation in Italy will be unique. The top Italy cities are located in Tuscany, Lake Como, Sicily, Rome, and Florence These Italian towns and cities can provide the most sophisticated indulgences in art and culture during your vacation to Italy. The area cover a wide range of possibilities depending on your preferences; whether you like historic landmarks, amazing rural landscape or wine tasting.

Italy Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

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Italy Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay


The choice of where to stay when considering Italy vacation ideas is very complex and the decision involves a location in a mountainous country with almost 1/3 of the country covered in mountains. The main mountain ranges; the Alps, extends across the northern border with France, Switzerland, Austria. The Italian Alps runs west to east through the Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino, Alto Adige and Fruili-Venezia. The top two highest mountains are part of the Italian Alps and they are Monte Bianco located in the Aosta Valley and Monte Rosa located in Piedmont. The Italian Alps were the host of the 2006 Winter Olympics with the base for the Olympics located in Turin. The best Italy destinations for skiing in Italy are Cortina, Cervinia, Courmayeur and Val Garden. Cortina is probably the resort that offers the most authentic Italian experience. Cortina is located in the eastern part of the Alps known as the Dolomites. The Dolomite Mountain range is listed in Unesco for its beautiful landscape of 18 peaks which rise to 3,000 meters and extends over 141,903 ha. One of the most popular ski destinations in Italy is Livigno, Lombardy. The village is located near the Swiss border in the Italian Alps. The village was considered one of the most popular ski destination ranked by Travel and Leisure Magazine. There are many top historic sites you should visit.

The 2nd mountain range are the Apennines Mountains and they extend from Northern Italy through Central Italy and all the way into Sicily. The mountains form a backdrop to the Italian Riviera starting in San Remo down along the coastal through the towns and villages of Genoa and La Spezia facing the Ligurian Sea. Then at Spezia the mountains arc towards the east and then near Naples the arc back towards the western coastline and extend down towards Sicily. Inland they contribute to the charm of Florence, Arezzo, and Perugia. Further south the mountains surround Naples and at this location you will find an active volcano, Mount Vesuvius. Which is considered the only active volcano in Europe.

The Apennines Mountain range is home to two active volcanos. Mount Vesuvius is located within proximity to the city of Naples on the western coast and is known for destroying the Roman city of Pompei in 79 BC. Mount Vesuvius is also the only active volcano on mainland Europe and it is the tallest rising to 3000 meters. Mount Etna, which is in Sicily, is Europe’s most active volcano with its last eruption began in March 2007 and is continuing to this day. A third active volcano is located on the Aeolian Island of Stromboli, which has been active for the last 2,000 years with its last major eruption occurring in 2013-2014.

Italy vacation destinations are known for the history and culture that the visitor will experience. But the Italian landscape is also world famous. Italian Lake Region ranks as a top tourist destination and is popular for those looking for romantic Italy boutique hotels . The most famous lakes are in northern Italy near the border with Switzerland. These lakes are fed by the mountain streams from the melting snow of the Italian and Swiss Alps. These major lakes to visit while on vacation in Italy are: Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta and Lake Varesse. The area is a popular tourist destination because of the beautiful scenery and majestic lakes and on the shores, and you will find famous castles and villas that are owned by many rich and famous personalities. Italian getaways to the "Lake District" are very popular with locals and international visitors.

Italy vacation destinations usually includes the Italian Riviera and other Italian beaches which are usually located in isolated coves surrounded by rocky mountains. Some of the best beach vacations can be visited via a motorboat from the town of Stintino in Sardinia. “Numana Beach” is in The Marche of Italy region. Huge cliff and palm trees surround the white beach. Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia, and has numerous beautiful beaches that are noted for the beautiful white sand and sand dune. The “Cagliari Beaches” are Su Giudeu Beach, Punta Molentis, Tuerredda Beach and Porto Giunco Beach.


The northern region is known for being more industrialized and more prosperous. It is the location of Milan. While the south is mainly agricultural. The south is known for their production of Wine, Olive oil Milan and the northern region are known more for their industry. Some major Italian corporations are Pierlli (the tire manufacturer), De’Longhi (home appliances), Dolce & Gabbana (clothing), Gucci (clothing).

Where to stay while visiting Italy vacation destinations can provide you the opportunity to explore one of the top wine producing countries in the European Union and in the world and that include wine tasting tours are very popular. For several years, between 2012-2016 it retained the No. 1 spot during 4 of those 5 years. DOCG and DOC are the two of the major wine classifications. DOCG is the highest standard and means that the wine production has followed certain strict guidelines regarding the geographic location of the wine vineyards and types of grapes used in the production of the wine. The DOC wines may have broader restrictions regarding the types of grapes that are used in the production of the wine. There is a third classification of Italian wine. It is IGT and it is a category for wines that do not fall into the two main categories. The more famous Italian wines are Brunello di Montalcino, Prosecco, Tuscany Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wines.

The main regions where you will find Italy vacations are Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche, Veneto and Sicily. These properties are usually quaint and rustic cottages or apartments located on a farm or agriturismo. The exception is those Italian vacation properties that are located in the major cities like Rome or Florence, which are mainly apartments. The majority of our vacation properties are located in the major city destinations.


The country has a long and varied history and that history has left behind numerous landmarks.

*Leaning Tower of Pisa
Piazza del Duomo in Pisa is a bell tower that was built in the 12th century. When it was originally built it immediately began leaning to one side due to a flaw in the foundation.

*Val d'Orcia
Val d'Orcia is region located in Tuscany near Siena that is known for it's beautiful landscape. It is located in the Tuscany region and it's natural beauty attracted many Renaissance Painters.

*Venice Lagoons

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