Sardinia Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Sardinia is a region located in Italy that enjoys autonomy, or freedom from any outside authority. Since Sardinia is a self-governing region, it is geographically separate from the rest of Italy. Sardinia, Italy is also the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, directly after Sicily. Sardinia has a beautiful natural environment that consists mainly of mountains. None of Sardinia’s mountains, however, have high peaks. One of the most popular mountain ranges for visitors is the Gennargnetu. The Gennargnetu has often been referred to as the “greatest mountain range in Sardinia, Italy” because of its rich landscape and rare animals. Sardinian deer, golden eagles and mouflons (special sheep) roam the Gennargnetu, but are endangered species and are vulnerable to becoming extinct. People who take Sardinia vacations in the mountains have the chance to see the region’s breathtaking scenery and rare wildlife. Sardinia also includes the mountains of Sulcis, Limbara, Iglesiente, Supramonte and Ogliastra, which have all become well-liked attractions for tourists. Sardinia Italy is recognized for being in the center of the manufacture of wine and its ability to try new techniques to produce this wine. The wine routes surrounding Sardinia vacations is a gorgeous experience that leads to some amazing historical sites and beautiful landscapes.

Sardinia Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Sardinia Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


The region and island of Sardinia vacations contains eight provinces: Olbia-Tempio, Carbonia-Iglesias, Sassari, Nuoro, Ogliastra, Medio Campidano, Oristano and Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital. Cagliari offers many places that both locals and foreigners enjoy, including the Chiesa di Sant’Efisio, the Il Castello, the Poetto Beach and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale.


The Chiesa di Sant’Efisio, a magnificent church in Cagliari, has one of the most unique and stunning façades found in Sardinia, decorated lavishly in gold. This place of worship is dedicated to Saint Ephisius, who was the patron saint of Cagliari. Ephisius was a Roman solider who was martyred after he began to follow Jesus and refused to renounce his faith in Christ.

The Il Castello is an admired castle for many travelling from afar. The Il Castello, which is closed in by white stone walls and the outstanding Pisan towers, lies just across from the Roman Empire.

The Poetto Beach is the longest beach in all of Italy, making it a go-to area for sightseers. This beach has a lively atmosphere, both during the daytime and nighttime, with restaurants, discos, bars and Sardinia accommodations.

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale is the leading archaeological museum found in Sardinia. Many visitors come to see this museum because of its collection of pint-sized bronze figurines, which give a glimpse into Sardinia’s culture. Cagliari is not the only province in Sardinia that has fascinating attractions to see; Book a vacation and rental with and you will be able to experience all of Sardinia, Italy’s many joys!

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