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Africa, the Dark Continent is the dream destination for vacationers seeking to get intimate with nature. These vacations bring to mind hoards of zebras and wildebeests being chased by lions and other predators, or elephants shaking the ground as they roam majestically through the savannah. The majority of travellers only dream about safari vacations in Africa, but the magic of Africa can be multifaceted. Although very romantic and fascinating, watching wildlife is just one side of Africa vacations. Each country has its own personality and attractions. Egypt with its ancient relics and pyramids, Mauritius with its spell-binding seafronts, Morocco with its enchanting culture that fuses Africa with Europe, South Africa with its modern cities and fanciful resorts, and Tunisia with its breathtaking beaches. Enjoying a vacation to one of Africa's beaches or a safari vacation are unique experiences for families, adventurers, and just about everyone looking to unwind away from the noisy cities in the lap of haunting nature. And yet, African cities have a rustic spirit like no other place in the world.

Sailing down the Nile River in Egypt
Africa Safari Vacations
The view overlooking Capetown South Africa
Africa safari vacations are famous for their rich wildlife, thick forests, abundant lakes, sprawling African savannahs, and the pervasive charm of what's perhaps the oldest civilization in the world. Families, adventure tourists and idyllic travellers reaching Africa destinations have a well rounded, deeply entertaining experience, whether they are staying at beach destinations in Africa or an Africa safari vacation. The unspoilt natural charm of the shadowy continent is palpable, and it seems to resonate with your soul. The most enchanting Africa safari vacations are located in Morocco, South Africa and Kenya. Egypt is famous for its pyramids and ancient relics, bustling cities, and colourful nightlife, but also has splendid beaches along the Mediterranean coast. Kenya, located further south, is widely known for its safaris and wildlife parks, and also doubles as one of the most picturesque beach destinations in Africa. The surprises never cease as you travel all the way to the southern tip of the continent through South Africa, a country known for its vibrant resorts, safari vacations, and fun activities.
Africa Beach Vacations

Beach Resorts in Africa have the potential to intoxicate you with the peace and tranquillity of the best beaches God has created. Lining the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, these pristine Africa beaches reveal themselves from lush green forests infested with wild creatures. Every year, millions of vacationers stay at Africa beach resorts, huts, cottages and villas to lose themselves in the pure magic of a fairytale land. Although most of the beach resorts are known for their beautiful beaches, side trips to enjoy a safari excursion is an integral part of any genuine Africa vacations. There are beach resorts in Africa that offer beach tours, surfing, diving, fishing, hunting and a host of other activities. On the other hand, most beach resorts in Africa also offer safari tours. South Africa and Kenya are two popular destinations that boast some of the most entertaining Africa safari resorts and Africa beach resorts. Tourism infrastructure is also well established in these two countries. However, other Africa beach resorts found in Morocco and Mauritius are also well-organized and have some classy beach resorts to brag about.

The exotic beaches of Kenya
Africa Vacation Rentals
A desert city in Morocco
Apart from zooming in on unveiled virgin nature and going wild chasing wildlife in the savannas, one of the most haunting memories you'll have from your Africa vacations is the peace and calm that you experience when you become one with nature. Africa's mystique is a part of its splendour, but the reclusive continent can be hard to explore for the lack of organized data about Africa vacation rentals. Tour operators usually book vacationers in more-or-less standard accommodations, with nothing unique or novel to spice up the vacations. Many tourists generally end up in hotels, where they might not be able to enjoy a fully immersive African adventure. has painstakingly selected the best Africa vacations rentals from across 6 African countries. Our vacation rentals in Africa include resorts, lodges, villas, and beach rentals. All vacation rentals are conveniently accessible and serve as your fully stocked and serviced base-camp for launching into an adventure that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Each property is completely unique and provides the most authentic and comfortable dwelling at an exclusive location.