Morocco Vacations

Morocco is located in North Africa with coastlines facing the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The landscape includes the dramatic desert landscape of the Sahara Desert in the south and the Atlas Mountains that stretch along the northern coast. The people of Morocco have an ancestry that extends back to the original Berber tribes who have existed for over 3000 years in North Africa. The majority of Moroccans practice the Islamic religion but being Berbers, they consider themselves non Arabic. The culture of Morocco has intrigued tourists for centuries and many writers have traveled to Morocco so that they can be inspired in their writings. A few notable writers who fell in love with this amazing country are William S. Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Brion Gysin, Jack Kerouac and Tennessee Williams.

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Morocco Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Morocco

Take a camel excursion and explore Morocco's Sahara desert which is a magical place to spend a few nights.

Try a hamman, Morocco's version of a steam bath.

Visit the blue town of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains and stroll the streets stopping to have a cup of tea.

Go sightseeing at the The Saadian Tombs in Marrakech, which were built in the 16th century by Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour.