USA Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

Where to Stay during USA vacations that extend from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean on the North American Continent. It's most northern region encompasses the Alaskan Peninsula and its most western region can be found on the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. USA vacations bring with it so many possibilities of places to see, landmarks to visit, food to enjoy, experiences to cherish, people to meet, and more! Commonly referred to as the U.S. which stands for the United States, the entire United States of America is the 4th largest country by total area and the 3rd by population and land area in the world!

USA Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

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USA Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay


USA vacation destinations display the diversity that visiting different states can evoke whichis similar to visiting a different country. All the diversity makes USA an opportunity to explore a wide variety of scenery and landscapes. The USA is truly huge and sprawls over a large expanse of both sea and land. It has an area covering 3.79 million square miles or roughly 9.83 million square kilometers. Northern states can get so much snow and ice that it might seem like it is on an altogether different continent as compared to the southernmost states that are pretty much summer all year round. The State of Alaska alone is so big that you can fit a few European countries inside of it and still have room to spare!

Being so large and having some island territories, the USA has many ‘borders’ and sits in between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The land comes in all shapes and forms, from rolling hills, towering mountains, seemingly endless deserts, lush forests, and fertile plains. It is no wonder why the nation was fought over and parts were under different imperialists rule before becoming the USA that we know today.


Talking about the history of the USA is worth an entire book in itself; therefore, this is just a short version of it from the pre-Columbian era to the present time.

It is believed that the first people who lived on the continent of North America came from Siberia about 15,000 years ago by crossing the Bering land bridge. Traces of ancient civilizations have been found in the Pacific coast of the USA. From then, groups of people formed tribes that grew increasingly complex, establishing their own cities, kingdoms, and nations. As for the USA territories, they were also settled by other groups of people even before the Europeans set foot in the continent.

After Columbus in 1492, many other explorers followed suit sent by various powerful European nations at the time. They settled in different parts of the USA and formed their colonies, with the British occupying a large area of what is now the USA. In 1732, 13 colonies joined together to form the United States of America, after which various wars had to be fought against the Spanish, French, and even the Portuguese for territory. 1776 marked the year when the USA truly started coming out on its own. It began a territorial evolution starting with the United States Declaration of Independence (from the British) enacted on July 4 of the same year and the American Revolution. The slave years followed, then more civil wars for expansion westward, and yet more wars capped by an era of reconstruction. 1886 marked a crucial year in the history of the USA as more Europeans came in via New York during the industrial revolution. Though the history of the USA was never a tranquil one, we can see here why citizens think that the USA is truly the land of the free and the home of the brave!

At present time, the USA getaways are still a country where immigrants flock for better opportunities, a new beginning, or because they want to have the American way of life.


USA vacations are as varied as the different ethnic groups making up its population of more than 300 million people. Although 77% of the US population is white, they’ve come from various European backgrounds and bring with them their own cultures and traditions adding to the richness of each of the US states. Each state varies slightly in terms of culture depending on which ethnic groups are dominant on the area. Statistics say that 13% of the population are African American and 6% are Asian but as far as culture in the USA goes, these numbers do not really reflect just how diverse and multicultural some areas of the USA are. You have to visit and have a vacation in the USA to really get a first-hand experience of how beautiful the culture in each state is.

Because the USA vacations are indeed a mixing pot of various peoples, people from everywhere can easily relate to what is known as “American culture” and find no difficulty adopting some of it. American culture has a bigger influence on why the USA is a superpower than the nation’s military prowess.


It would be impossible to mention all the USA vacations that you can explore while staying at the various USA boutique hotels without forgetting some that should be on the list. USA vacations can be found in all the 50 states plus some territories, all with their own landmarks and attractions. Below are just some of the most iconic landmarks in the USA.

The Liberty Bell
Although the bell that is on display today is not the original Liberty Bell because it has undergone some repairs, the symbolism that the bell brings still rings true to this day.

The Statue of Liberty
Located in Ellis Island, New York, the Statue of Liberty is the first glimpse of the USA that the European immigrants during the late 1890s saw. The statue’s name befits exactly what the nation stands

The White House
The most famous address in Washington DC, you can’t have a vacation in the USA and pass by the District of Columbia without seeing the White House even from afar. You just have to go!

Yellowstone is so majestic that the first explorers who’ve seen the place weren’t believed when they shared what they saw back home. Today, it is a national park that is perfect for sightseeing during a vacation in the USA.

Niagara Falls
Seeing the Niagara Falls for the first time will leave you in awe of how powerful and big it is. Going for a visit at the right time of the year is recommended for the best visibility.

The Washington Monument
Here’s a bit of trivia for history buffs, if you visit the Washington Monument, you might be able to see graffiti from the Civil War era courtesy of Union soldiers at the base of the monument because the monument was still being made when the Civil War broke out. You might have to hunt for the marks but they are still there!

The Golden Gate Bridge
Do you know that the Golden Gate Bridge was originally meant to be black like the other bridges built at the time? The builders loved the primer’s bold hue so much that they decided to keep the color, which only added to the bridge’s popularity.

Mount Rushmore
Almost every American movie that has a historical theme features Mount Rushmore somewhere in the movie. The real surprise when you visit Mount Rushmore though is the possibility of seeing the hidden room behind one of the Founding Father’s faces. The hidden room is a storage facility called the Hall of Records and houses old documents relevant to the history of USA.

The above are just 8 out of the hundreds of USA landmarks that you must see and experience during USA vacations in USA when you decide to come for a visit. Be sure to look up which USA landmarks are in the state(s) you’ll be seeing to not miss any during your vacation!

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