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Austria is known for its pristine Alpine pastoral landscapes and the elaborately sophisticated towns of Vienna and Strasbourg. Austria's history and culture are closely tied to the Habsburg Monarchy that ruled Austria roughly from 1156–1867. As the power of the Habsburg family increased, due to their alliance with the Holy Roman Empire, so did their wealth and their support for the arts. At one time the Habsburg Empire included the regions of Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Serbia, Milan, Naples, Sardinia, Lombardy, Dalmatia and Bosnia. And for many centuries, Vienna was the capital of the Habsburg Empire during (1526–1583) and (1611–1804). Austria has contributed many cultural traditions. The Christmas spirit, the Christmas Tree and caroling are traditional Austrian pastimes. Spring pagan festivals which include May Day celebrations and Maypole dancing are still very popular activities.

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Austria Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Austria

The Danube River and the Wachau (Unesco Heritage Site)

Boat rides along the Danube are very popular and some of the sights along the Danube are brimming in history. One region of the Danube River is called the Wachau and it runs west of Vienna and is famous for its historical villages. Along the river you will find 9th century Bavarian and Salzburg monasteries, which introduced the terraced wine vineyards many centuries ago. Ruins of castles sit atop mountains like a ghost overlooking the changing landscape. The Wachau Valley is one of the most famous wine regions of Austria and home to the Reisling wines. The vineyards create a beautiful tapestry along the sloping hills that surround the Danube.

The Hohe Tauern National Park

Austria sits in the midst of the famous Alps Mountain Range and hiking across the mountains is a favorite pastime activity. Over 60% of Austria located in the mountainous Alpine region. A major national park which includes Austria's highest peak, Grossglockner, is the Hohe Tauern National Park. The park provides over 700 square miles of natural parkland. The Austrian Alpine Club oversees and maintains the huts and pathways within the park. When hiking through the Hohe Tauern National Park you will see huge massif mountains, waterfalls and ancient woodlands. The park is a protected area and home to many unique woodland creatures.

Places To See in Austria

Vienna Austria was the capital during the Habsburg Empire and its cultural tradition of supporting the arts has placed Vienna center stage in the cultural legacies of the Austrian Empire. The city has been considered the music capital of Europe since the 16th century. Inside Vienna you will find the Schonbrunn Palace. Originally a hunting lodge, it began its transformation into a Royal Palace during the 1600s by the Queen of Germany, Eleonora Gonzaga.

Salsburg Austria was the birthplace of Mozart and the town houses numerous Baroque Buildings of the 17-18th Centuries.

Innsbrooke has been the host to the Winter Olympics twice.

Hallstatt Austria is a beautiful alpine village located on the shores of Lake Hallstatt. It became a popular destination for 19th century writers and artists because of the beautiful scenery of this 12th century lakeside village. Access to the village was limited to trails and boats until the 1890 when a road was finally built linking the village with the outside world.