Portugal Vacations

Portugal is a long strip of land located on the Iberian Peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean with Spain extending along its western border. The country also includes the remote islands of the Azores and Madeira. Through northern Portugal flows the Duoro River which is a source of water for the famous Porto Wine, olive and almond vineyards that make Douro Valley region world famous. Along the southern region of Portugal, "The Algarve" faces the Mediterranean Sea and is dotted with beautiful beaches and cliffs with sandy bays. The area is known for it's mega resorts and numerous golf courses.

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Portugal Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Portugal

Take a boat ride through the canals and lagoons of Aveiro, known as the 'The Venice of Portugal' in one of their bold and brightly coloured boats.

Enjoy a walk or talk to the fishermen along the Tagus River in Lisbon.

Stroll through the cobblestone streets of the ancient walled town of Ă“bidos,