England Vacations

England is part of the United Kingdom which is an island located in the North Sea across the English Channel from France. England has played an important role in the customs and culture of modern society with its global influence. England is the home to cricket, which was first played in the 1500s. The playwright William Shakespeare is known as England's national poet, and his plays have been produced more than any other writer alive or dead. Sir Francis Drake, while being supported financially and politically by Queen Elizabeth I, was the 1st to sail around the world in 1577–1580. During the 1960, a rock band named "The Beatles" became one of the most influential bands in the history of music. The extensive history and culture you can experience while on a vacation in England is enormous.

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England Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in England

England's history is complex and encompasses a variety of cultures while providing ancient ruins, castles, gardens, and quaint villages that are available to enjoy and explore during an England vacation.

England Landmarks

One of the most famous historical sites in England is the unusual circle of stones aptly named "Stonehenge" which is located in the Southeastern part of England between the town of Salisbury and Bath. The stones are so large it is amazing that a civilization from 3000 BC was able to construct this unique site that is thought to be a burial site.

Hadrian's Wall
Several centuries later when the Romans Empire had expanded their control of Europe into the northern regions of the British Isles; they took up the challenge to build a protective wall along their northern border. And so in 122 AD Hadrian's wall was completed. All during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

Windsor Castle and Mount St Michael
Major tourist attractions when visiting England are the numerous castles that can be found within England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The castle structure was inherited from the French when they invaded Great Britain. And over the centuries the British feudal system built numerous fortresses for defensive purposes which later evolved into elaborate and ornate castles with a residential purpose for the wealthy families. One of the most famous existing castle is the Windsor Castle, which was built in the 11th century and is the current home of Queen Elizabeth and her family. Another famous castle is St Michael's Mount which is located in Cornwall and was built during 1400's. Originally the castle was a monastery. Today it is listed with the National Trust. Within England are over 250 historical castles .

A vacation in England is usually designed around the British history, culture and political influence the country wielded over the centuries through out Europe and the New World. And England is one of the few existing monarchies still located in Europe.