England is part of the United Kingdom which is an island located in the North Sea across the English Channel from France. England has played an important role in the customs and culture of modern society with its global influence. England is the home to cricket, which was first played in the 1500s. The playwright William Shakespeare is known as England's national poet, and his plays have been produced more than any other writer alive or dead. Sir Francis Drake, while being supported financially and politically by Queen Elizabeth I, was the 1st to sail around the world in 1577–1580. During the 1960, a rock band named "The Beatles" became one of the most influential bands in the history of music. The list of accomplishments by the country of England are extensive.

England Vacation Rentals

England B&Bs

The Old Rectory B & B is a Somerset B&B

The Old Rectory B & B
Lavenham Priory is a Suffolk B&B

Lavenham Priory
Halmer Grange Luxury B&B is a Yorkshire B&B

Halmer Grange Luxury B&B
Holwell Bungalow is a Devon B&B

Holwell Bungalow
Badger Towers  is a Gloucestershire B&B

Badger Towers
Bank Villa is a Yorkshire B&B

Bank Villa
Score Valley Country House is a Devon B&B

Score Valley Country House
Exmoor House is a Devon B&B

Exmoor House
Lee House is a Devon B&B

Lee House
Avalon Lodge is a Wiltshire B&B

Avalon Lodge
Greystone Pool  is a Cornwall B&B

Greystone Pool
Brymbo Bed and Breakfast  is a Gloucestershire B&B

Brymbo Bed and Breakfast
Ashgrove House B&B is a Devon B&B

Ashgrove House B&B
Longmead House is a Devon B&B

Longmead House
Come to Good Farm is a Cornwall B&B

Come to Good Farm
Park House Guest House  is a Warwickshire B&B

Park House Guest House
Brooklands Hotel is a Dorset B&B

Brooklands Hotel
Brentwood House  is a Yorkshire B&B

Brentwood House

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