Gloucestershire Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Gloucestershire are destinations that are mainly a landlocked region with the exception of where the River Severn flows into the Bristol Channel. The area on either side of the Severn River is called the Severn Valley and then finally it becomes Severn Estuary when it reaches the coast. Located in the west of Gloucestershire is the Forest of Dean (27,000 acres of forest) which was originally an ancient Royal Forest that was used as a hunting reserve for the Royal family for many hundreds of years. The Wye Valley is located on the western border of Gloucestershire forming the border with Wales. The Wye Valley has been designated as an region of "Outstanding Natural Beauty" through which flows the Wye River which known for it's Salmon fishing and the numerous castles that line the shores of the river. The east is immersed by the Cotswold Hills, the southwest includes a suburb of Bristol and the area in between the east and west is encompassed by the Severn Valley.

Gloucestershire Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Gloucestershire Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Vacations in Gloucestershire England are located in a county located in South West England that is bordered by Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Somerset, Herefordshire, Wiltshire and Warwickshire in England and Gwent in Wales. The county contains four apparent geographical regions: the west, the southwest, the east and the area directly in the middle of east and west. The west contains the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley, the east is immersed by the Cotswold Hills, the southwest includes a suburb of Bristol and the area in between the east and west is encompassed by the Severn Valley.

Gloucestershire, South West England is commonly shortened to Gloucs., Glouc. or Glos., the postal code abbreviation. Gloucestershire’s name takes its base from the word Gloucester. Gloucester can be broken up into two parts: the first part is a distortion of the word “Glevum” and the second part comes from the Old English word “ceaster.” “Glevum” is the name of a city in Rome and comes from the Celtic root “glev,” meaning “shining” or “bright,” describing the Severn River. “Ceaster” is the name of a Roman camp. Gloucestershire, South West England initially included the town of Bristol, but Bristol became a part of the county of Avon in 1974 and is now considered its own county.

The county of Gloucestershire, South West England contains seven districts: Cheltenham, Forest of Dean, Cotswold, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury and South Gloucestershire. The governmental authority over all of the districts is the Gloucestershire County Council.The only district that is not run by the Gloucestershire County Council is South Gloucestershire because it is run under a unitary authority. The county council is responsible for the affairs that take place throughout Gloucestershire. The council had to respond quickly to a flood in 2007 that was considered to be the worst flood recorded in British history.The Royal Air Force was called in and they were able to save over one hundred and twenty inhabitants of the county. Although the Royal Air Force rescued many people, thousands of citizens were still influenced by this devastating tragedy.

After the 2007 flood, however, Gloucestershire progressed quickly and began to invest in the industry of tourism. Today, many travelers are drawn to Gloucestershire vacations because of the sites, countless shopping destinations and Gloucestershire cottages for rent and pet friendly Gloucester hotels. Some of the most famous attractions in Gloucestershire, South West England are its historic railroads, castles, parks/forests, historic houses, gardens and cathedrals/abbeys. Among the top-rated areas to visit are the Gloucester Cathedral, Royal Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury Abbey. The more acclaimed shops of the county include Fancy Pants, Revamp, Tuxedo Junction Limited, Antique Restoration Centre, Total Home Environment Limited and Yellow Lighted Bookshop. There are several different types of Gloucestershire accommodations all over the county. The rooming in Gloucestershire consists of hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday and year-round cottages, country houses, inns and lodges. When looking for the Gloucestershire accommodation that is right for you, visit and we will set you up with an ideal choice that fits all of your needs!

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