Kenya Vacations

Kenya is a diverse country with landscape ranging from flat savannahs to rocky volcano mountains in the north with a coast line of sandy beaches along the eastern border. Many visitors to Kenya come to enjoy safaris that can cover over 19 National Parks and Marine Reserves. Kenya is also home to a variety of nomadic tribes, 42 in total. Each tribe has their own language and culture. The most famous tribes are the Masai and the Bantu. The tribes make their living as nomadic pastoralists or agriculturalists across the wild savannahs. Kenya has over 64 lakes and many are found along the Rift Valley in northern Kenya. Comprised of volcanoes, lakes and hot springs, the Rift Valley is populated by wildebeest, rhinoceros,zebras and elephants. Many of the saline lakes in the area provide a perfect habitat for the beautiful pink flamingos...

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Kenya Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Kenya

Visit Elsamere Lodge and Conservation , initially built by Joy and George Adams, who lives were depicted "Born Free" the story of Elsa the Lioness.

Explore Nairobi National Park, which was Kenya's first national park and has a decent size rhinoceros population.

Explore the coral reefs off the coast of Kenya that extend over 240 square miles up and down the coastline of Kenya.

Stop in and visit the Blixen's House & Museum, home to Karen Blixen who wrote "Out of Africa" and which is located in the Ngong Hills just outside Nairobi.