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South Africa vacations are located on the most southern peninsula of the African Continent. The country is noted for its biodiversity and numerous wildlife and game parks and where you can experience South Africa vacations which are world famous. Huge stretches of savannah grasslands, whose ecosystems are protected by national and provincial park systems, plus game reserves stretch across the countryside. In total there are over 17 National Parks scattered across South Africa; not including the provincial parks and game reserves. The South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean merge at the southern most point in South Africa, Cape Point. And the coastal area enjoyed during South Africa detinations stretch for over 3000 kilometers and is known for its beautiful beaches, remote villages and perfect surfing and is one of the top tourist destinations for South Africa vacation rentals. Searching for the perfect beach? You have multiple options: Capetown beaches are brimming with people. Or you can head up the eastern coast to the experience what is known as the Wild Coast or even go further north to the Zulu Region, where you can enjoy the sea and surf all to yourself. South Africa is also known for their historic wine regions. Wine vineyards were introduced by the Dutch East India Company and Jan Van Riebeeck during 1659. And South Africa destinations have been producing their own delicious wines ever since.

Destinations for South Africa Vacations

South Africa vacations: Boutique Hotels & Vacation Rentals


South Africa vacation rentals offer the chance to experience a country known as the diamond of the black continent. South Africa was gifted with many treasures that are waiting to be discovered, particularly its landscapes and memorable wildlife. The game reserves or protected wild areas are homeland of worldwide renown breathtaking scenery, endangered fauna and endemic flora and host magnificent safaris and terrific outdoor options.

South Africa vacations are located in the 19 national parks, true wildlife sanctuaries and reservations, where you could spend your entire life exploring and experiencing, where you should arrive at least once in a lifetime and where you may find the adventure of your lifetime. These unique pieces of heaven invite you to hike, watch birds or the splendid big 5 while free (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, black rhino), fish, swim, dive or enjoy some snorkeling, or game drives, or maybe paddling in crystal waters, or simply wander on a pristine beach and, of course, feel the magic of a safari. You choose. If you ever dreamed about resting in a top tree chalet, or camping in the wilderness of a savannah, or staying in South Africa vacation rentals with sea view, well, your dream is about to become reality in some of the most beautiful South Africa destinations.

And that’s just the top of the iceberg for the top South Africa vacation rentals.

Cape Floristic Region World Heritage Site with the iconic Table Mountain, a new natural wonder of the world is not to be missed and is perfect for South Africa vacations. One of the richest natural botanical gardens on earth found its shelter here, deploying 2200 species of plants and about 1470 flowers, most of them indigenous.


Spot penguins (the one and only opportunity in Africa) or baboons here in Table Mountain National Park. It gathers together mind blowing panoramas, sumptuous valleys, magnificent beaches and bays, the royal Table Mountain and the mythical Cape of Good Hope and is one of the most beautiful destinations in South Africa.

Another celebrity in terms of game reserves is without any doubt the Kruger National Park, the most famous among the South African national parks and the second largest in Africa and reigns on roughly two million hectares of wild territory. Here is the heart of the kingdom of the big five, big cats and birding big six (martial eagle, saddle-billed stork, lappet-faced vulture, ground horn-bill, Pel’s fishing-owl and Kori bustard). As idea, South Africa counts about 800 bird species, as much as the North American continent put together. Surrounding the national park system you will find numerous South Africa vacation rentals that come in the form of safari lodges and huts.

Another top tourist destination for South Africa vacation rentals are the rare pearl known the Augrabies Falls National Park, host of the Augrabies Waterfalls, a real goddess of the thunders. Even the meaning of the name in the local language is 'Place of Great Noise'. The river Orange is the genial constructor of a 90m high thundering waterfall, one of the largest in the world. The falls and water course, with its grid of channels, next to the fascinating geology of Augrabies displaying large, ancient granite cliffs and rocks, compose a unique and picturesque environment inviting to relaxation and reverie. A true African experience, wilderness and nature greatness in pure estate.

Some unique experiences while exploring late winter vacations in South Africa, is the opportunity to catch glimpses of the southern right whale migrating along the coast.

Visit the hippos and crocodiles while exploring the South Africa’s east coast of Kwa Zula and the iSimangaliso Westland Park.

Go wine tasting in the Cape Winelands and visit some beautiful towns such as Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

Visit the “Cradle of Humankind” and the Sterkfontein Caves which give an insight into the evolution of humankind more than 3 million years ago.

Experience a “Big 5 Safari”, which refers to a photographic safari searching for the largest 5 animals in South Africa. (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino)

Come here and experience the unique culture of South Africa in its whole majesty and glory while exploring some of the top tourist attractions during South Africa vacations.

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