It is true what they say; the best things come in small packages. Mpumalanga is one of the smallest South African provinces, that borders Mozambique and Switzerland from the East. Its geographically challenging terrain is regarded as one of the most diverse and magical in the world. Mpumalanga is an adventure-lover’s dream come true. It offers a multitude of activities like hiking, trailing, quad biking, river rafting, cliff diving, horse riding and many more. Popularly known as “the land where the sun rises”, Mpumalanga is indeed a masterpiece that one has to see to believe. Visitors claim to have floated through the clouds amidst South Africa’s most beautiful self-drive milieu, the Panoramic Route. Here, the undulating slopes of the Mpumalanga highlands come to a dramatic halt overlooking the lowland encapsulated in a mesmerizing arc. The sight is a collection of lush green grasslands, gushing waterfalls, sublime valleys, and abundant wildlife parks. The preferred route to take would be through God’s Window that trails through the panoramic route, and concludes at the Kruger National Park.

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Clifford's Guesthouse
Guesthouse Sleeps 32
Rates 750 - 1250 ZAR
Buhala Lodge
Lodge Sleeps 34
Rates 3825 - 5950 ZAR
Bushwise Safari Lodge
Lodge Sleeps 19
Rates 1080 - 2400 ZAR

Mpumalanga Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in South Africa

Mpumalanga boasts the southern fraction of Kruger National Park that is universally acknowledged for the array of exotic wildlife and rare species that live here in their natural habitat. Here, you can loiter idly through untamed nature while marveling at flora and fauna at its finest. From leopards perched up on trees, to hippos cooling off in the waters under the afternoon sun, to flocks of birds flying off on hearing the ferocious roar of the lion, to giraffes gracefully reaching their necks out to feed on fresh Acacia trees—Kruger National park is the single most sought after wildlife destination in the world.