Bahamas Vacations

The Bahamas are a series of 700 islands that stretch off the south western coast of Florida and run parallel to Cuba. Roughly 23 of the islands are inhabited with the majority of the smaller island uninhabited. Getting from one island to another can be a daunting task, as public transportation (mail boats) only run periodically and small airplane connections can be expensive. People who come to the Bahamas do so because they love to explore the numerous Bahamas vacation spots and enjoy the opportunity to get away from the crowds and explore the unspoiled coral reefs, sail in the turquoise bays, spend time relaxing in the sun or deep sea fishing. Coming to the Bahamas, you are experiencing the real "Island Life".

Bahamas Vacation Rentals and Boutique Hotels

Bahamas Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Bahamas

The main reasons for visiting the Bahamas are for their beaches, diving, water sports, boating and nightlife activities. Vacation rentals in the Bahamas offer the perfect opportunity to escape for a short period of time and enjoy the beautiful beaches and underwater sea life that surrounds the islands of the Bahamas. Some of the top Bahamas island vacation spots are Abaco, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Great Exuma, Long Island and New Providence.

For underwater activities the best vacation spots in the Bahamas are the Andros Barrier Reef is over 190 miles long and considered the world's considered the third largest living organism and the 3rd largest fringing barrier reef and it runs parallel to Andros Island. Bahamas islands vacations are popular with families because of the numerous diving and snorkeling opportunities to explore old abandoned shipwrecks located in the ocean surrounding the various islands.

If you are looking for some flashy nightlife during your Bahamas island vacation, then spend some time on Paradise Island and visit the Atlantis where the high rollers congregate. Or try one of the unique Bahamas boutique hotels and resorts with beautiful beach access on the island of Nassau.

If you enjoy sailing then head over to the Abaco Islands which are known as a popular island for sailing because of their available anchorages, sheltered coves, and plenty of marine facilities make it one of the top Bahamas Islands vacation destinations for sailing.

If you are looking to catch the big one, as in a big fish, then head over to the Grand Bahama Island, because this is home to some of the biggest game fish on earth.

With so many activities that bring tourists and families to the Bahamas, you will find plenty of unique and luxury Bahamas boutique hotels and resorts available to cater to all your needs. Whether it is a romantic Bahamas Islands getaway or a family vacation reunion in the Bahamas, there are plenty of locations that will meet your needs. Vacation rentals in the Bahamas can range from a small tropical Bahamas beach cottages to an exclusive Bahamas beach villa with your own private beach and luxury pool. There is always a good selection of Bahama islands boutique hotels that can include unique Bed and Breakfast or small family friendly beach resorts with prices to suit all tastes and budgets.