Bahamas Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Bahamas destinations are locations full of exotic Bahamas culture that are popular with tourist that enjoy staying in on an exotic island while they explore the Caribbean. It is estimated that 2.6 and 3 million people enjoy the Bahamas experience annually. About half of the people who visit the Bahamas arrive via cruise ships. The majority of visitors to the Bahamas Islands are from North America. However, the United States visitors to the Bahamas has been steadily increasing in relation to Canada due to the stronger value of the US dollar in relation to the Canadian dollar. The main economy of the Bahamas Islands are tourism and it has been heavily promoted by the local government and they have instituted methods to insure a stable economy and a positive investment environment. The major destination that receives the most tourists in the Bahamas is New Providence / Nassau which is a stopping point for many cruise lines. Where to stay in the Bahamas islands includes many beautiful destinations.

Bahamas Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

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Bahamas Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay


Where to stay during Bahamas vacation destinations depends on which island your prefer. Different properties are associated with our Bahamas different Bahamas destinations. We can offer you the opportunity to explore over 700 islands located off the southeastern coast of Florida and the islands stretch for 500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to just north of Cuba. There are hundreds of islands within the Bahamas archipelago but only a few of them are inhabited and these islands are popular for island life vacations. The major islands are Bimini, Cat Island, the Abacos, Nassau, Paradise Island and Eleuthera have numerous Bahamas vacations. The original geology of these islands were coral reefs which contributes to the beautiful pink sandy beaches. A vacation in the Bahamas is one idyllic for those looking to just relax in the sun and lay on the beach. The breakdown on the number of Islands versus cays are as follows: 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 rocks in the Bahamas Islands. A cay is defined as a coral island.


Christopher Columbus landed on the islands in 1492 and he was met by the Lucayan-Arawak Indians, who were considered part of the Arawak culture. The Spaniards were searching for gold and did not stay long in the Bahama Islands but moved on to the island of Hispaniola, where they established a gold mine. Eventually they returned to the Bahamas to get the natives to work in the mines. The indigenous Lucayan suffered greatly at the hands of the Spanish and many of them died.

The English Puritan Pilgrims landed on the islands in 1629. They had set out to find a destination where they could practice their religion and they landed on Eleuthera. The British sent considerable funds and supplies to this group to encourage their settlements. English king granted rights to English Lords for the control of the Bahamas. But it was during this era the islands became known for their piracy and the pirates would attack the Spanish vessels that were loaded with gold. The pirates of the Bahamas would lure boats to the shores and the boats would wreck on the coral reefs. One of the most famous pirate was known as Blackbeard.


Bahamas destinations can include locations that cater to diving in the coral reefs while exploring the numerous Bahamas islands is a unique experience . The reefs surrounding the numerous Islands make this a very popular sport. The coral reefs that surround the islands were notoriously dangerous for ships that would come within a proximity of the islands. Explore those sunken ship wrecks, visit the coral reefs, all which are popular excursions while staying in the Bahamas.


The islands of the Bahamas can include some of the best locations for relaxing in the Bahamas. These Bahamas usually focus on sailing and underwater scuba diving or just relaxing on the numerous beaches. If any of these activities are your passion, then here are a few sights to explore during a Bahamas vacation.

Thunderball Grotto
The grotto is an underwater cave system that is known for its coral reefs and marine life. Numerous fish species can be found in the grotto which makes it a great place for scuba diving. The grotto gets its name from the James Bond film “Thunderball” which was filmed in this location.

The Andros Barrier Reef
This reef system lies of the coast of Andros Island and is known for being one of the largest fringe barrier reefs. The reef system stretches for 190 miles and runs off the eastern coast of Andros Island. The fish population in this reef system is very diverse.

Andros Island Blue Holes
Sinkholes or underground caves found submerged below the ocean, which divers can explore. Bahamas has 100s of them but the most famous is the Andros Blue Hole.

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