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Panama stretches between the Americas with the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Gulf of Panama to the south. The capital of Panama is Panama City with a population of 410,000. Within the country of Panama are 7 indigenous groups that represent 13% of the population. The indigenous groups are Ngäbe, the Kuna, the Emberá, the Wounaan, the Buglé, the Naso Tjerdi and the Bri Bri. The narrowness of the country lead to the creation of the Panama Canal via the US Corps of Engineers between 1904 and 1914. The completion of the canal allowed tankers to travel from the East Coast to the West Coast without sailing around the southern most point of South America, Cape Horn. In 1903 the USA signed a treaty with Panama to obtain permission to built the Panama Canal and the USA retained sovereignty over the Panama Canal until it was transferred back to Panama on December 31, 1999. On either side of the Panama Canal are huge stretches of natural rainforests which are popular destinations for exploration. The northern coastal area is covered in three mountain ranges: Talamanka Mountains, Central Mountains, and the San Blas Mountains. If you are searching for the perfect beach in Panama, then explore some of the numerous remote islands that are part of this country; San Blas Islands, Coiba Island, Bocas del Toro Islands, The Pearl Islands or the Isla Barro Colorado.

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Visit the Barro Colorado Island which is a protected nature reserve that is located in the region of Gatun Lake and is covered in a rainforest.