St Lucia Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

Simply beautiful, it is not only the island's motto, it accurately represents this truly breathtaking Eastern Caribbean oasis of where to stay in St Lucia. The island of St Lucia vacations has been an attracting foreigners and tourists alike since its discovery by European nations in the 18th century. In fact, this now amazing St Lucia has a bit of a storied past. So if you are looking for a St Lucia family vacations then this Caribbean destination has a story to tell. St Lucia is located in the Caribbean between the islands of Martinique and St Vincent near the Venezuelan Coast. The capital of the country is the town of Castries. St Lucia known for being surrounded by its numerous hot springs and beautiful coral reefs that are the result of the Piton Mountains.

St Lucia Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

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St Lucia Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay


The Piton Mountains are comprised of two mountain peaks: Gros Piton and Petit Piton which are volcanic plugs that were formed over 200 thousand years ago. The Pitons are a popular hiking area and park service employees are required as tour guides when hiking through the area. Sulphur Springs Park is where you can go to enjoy the hot springs and mud baths which are supposed to be therapeutic for your skin. The St Lucia Jazz Festival is another unique experience of the island. It is known worldwide for the quality of the performers that perform each year. The Festival occurs in May with dancing in the streets and over fifty artistes and world renown musicians such as Marc Anthony and JJ Cool and the Gang. Where to stay in St Lucia is a delight because the island is the crown jewel of the Windward Islands


Sitting just south of Martinique, the island of St Lucia vacations has a storied and somewhat stormy past with colonialism. The first known inhabitants of the island were the Arawak indigenous group, which saw great success in using the islands plentiful resources to live off the land, and fish in the surrounding waters. However, as the Caribs sought out new land, the Arawak were forced to abandon the island, and seek refuge on other islands within the chain. First discovered by Europeans in the early 18th century by Spanish conquistadors, the island was largely unchartered. With the fall of Spanish power in the region, the French government saw St Lucia as a great colonial power, much like Martinique to its North. Over the next century, the island nation would change hands fourteen times, until finally in 1814, the island of St Lucia became a British territory. Then in 1871, the island would become part of the windward island territory, where it would continue under British rule for almost a century. In 1967, the island was granted home rule, within the West Indies Associated States. Then in 1979, St. Lucia became a fully independent nation, within the British Commonwealth, and continues to be to this day. History makes a place and in St. Lucia, the connection to past ruling nations, and their culture has made this island a true mecca for the blending of great European, African and Caribbean traditions and histories.

St Lucia destinations are a melting pot of cultures, and the people that call this paradise home have embraced this mentality. When you are looking at your St. Lucia property which can include a variety of properties destin you need to ensure that you are getting some of the local cultures during your stay. It can be said that traditional St. Lucia culture molds together four unique cultures, and takes the best of them all.

From the indigenous people of the island, St Lucia has fallen in love with the food of their ancestors. This includes cassava, yams and sweet potato, as well as fish and local fruit and veggies. These ingredients continue to staple foods on the island and are involved in practically every dish.

From the British, the island received its language, education system and governmental structure. As a practicing Westminster democracy, the island is fully fluent in English. The educational system has done wonders, and in fact is home to two Nobel Prize Winners; Sir W. Arthur Lewis for Economics, and Derek Walcott for Literature.

From the French, the islands love of the arts, music and dance creates a strong relationship to its former colonial empire contribute to enthralling family vacations in St Lucia. As well, the island is largely bilingual, with many of the islanders speak French with a wonderful Caribbean accent. Do not be surprised when you mistake yourself for being in a jazz café in Paris, when in fact you are sitting on a tranquil beach enjoying some wonderful music with friends and family.

Finally, African culture is alive and well in St. Lucia which was one of the many West Indie islands that were utilized in the slave trade from West Africa. These slaves found St. Lucia home, and maintained their cultural roots throughout their transition to free men and woman. Today, many descendants of these former slaves call the island home and still maintain these connections to their roots across the Atlantic.
St. Lucia is a place that melds cultures and creates an ambience that is welcoming and warm. With your St Lucia vacation, or St. Lucia vacation rental, the only thing you need to worry about is making it to the party on time!


When you think of St Lucia destinations - envision the water and the amazing beaches. However, the island comes from a now long dormant volcano. This volcanic history has allowed the wonderful beaches to form and has made an excellent home to the dense forest along the islands mid section. The island is home to densely wooded mountains that run north to south, and from them flow an endless number of streams and rivers that have created lush valleys with an assortment of flora and small animals. The entire island is 611 square kilometres, and when you are planning your St. Lucia vacation, or St. Lucia vacation rental, you should know that year-round, the temperatures hover between 22 and 30 degrees centigrade.

What to see when not enjoying the beaches

When you are enjoying a visit to St Luca, we know of many St Lucia destination that will focus on working on your tan. But during the mid day sun, it is well worth your while to explore the island, and experience a little of what the country has to offer.


Pigeon Island National Landmark
A breathtaking view, and a pirate history, what else do you need to know?! Pigeon Island has a long history of its geographic importance, including being home to the infamous pirate Jamb de Bois, who hunted Spanish ships, and the British Army and Navy. Today, the island offers some of the best views of St. Lucia and Martinique from Signal Hill (it is worth the modest hike, especially on a clear day).


Fond d’Or Nature Reserve and Historical Park
A wonderful place for an afternoon hike, this beautiful parks rugged coastline, and picturesque beach is worth admission alone. Make sure to keep an eye out for the spectacular flora and fauna that dots the walking paths!


Morne Forune
Looming over the capital is an imposing mountain on the south side of the city. The morne is rich in history and has been a central piece too much of the islands transitions of power. Today, the picturesque Sir Arthur Lewis Community College sits on the peak of the mountain and offers some of the best sunset views on the island, only second to the lookout just below the main campus building.
St. Lucia destinations are simply beautiful, and no matter if you are looking for St. Lucia vacations ; then the island cannot wait to host you. With its rich history, amazing culture, great geography and gorgeous scenery, the only thing missing is you. Visit this true gem in the West Indies, and take in the natural beauty that only St. Lucia can offer.

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