St Lucia Vacations

St Lucia island is located in the Caribbean between the islands of Martinique and St Vincent near the Venezuelan Coast. The capital of the country is the town of Castries. St Lucia is known for it's numerous sulphurous fumeroles, hot springs and beautiful coral reefs that are the result of the Piton Mountains, which are of volcanic origin. The Piton Mountains are comprised of two mountain peaks: Gros Piton and Petit Piton which are volcanic plugs that were formed over 200 thousand years ago. The Pitons are a popular hiking area and park service employees are required as tour guides when hiking through the area. Sulphur Springs Park is where you can go to enjoy the hot springs and mud baths which are supposed to be therapeutic for your skin. . The St Lucia Jazz Festival is another unique experience of the island. It is known worldwide for the quality of the performers that perform each year. The Festival occurs in May with dancing in the streets and over fifty artistes and world renown musicians such as Marc Anthony and JJ Cool and the Gang.