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Ireland is an island and a country but they are not identical. Ireland, the island, is located off the west coast of England. The lower 3/4 section of the island is known as the Republic of Ireland and is an Irish Free State, or a Sovereign State which is the same as a nation. While Northern Ireland is considered part of the United Kingdom. Ireland considers its culture and history to be strongly tied to the Celtic culture which is identified according to a group of people from the Iron Age and Medieval Europe. Ireland has been gifted with some famous writers: William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett. The Irish public house or Irish Pub, has gained international recognition for being a the local social hub for an Irish neighborhood.

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Ireland Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Ireland

The island of Ireland is divided into 4 major regions or provinces. These provinces follow the boundaries that existed in the 1st century that were borders defined by the kingdoms in Ireland. The four kingdoms were the Kingdom of Connacht, the Kingdom of Munster, the Kingdom of Leister and the Kingdom of Ulster. Today these Kingdoms are the major provinces of Ireland. Each region has their own attractions that make Ireland vacations a popular destination.

The far southwest rugged area is comprised of the Munster Province and includes Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford, and Tipperary counties. It is an area that has a long and beautiful coastline that includes the Cliffs of Mohr. There area is known for the beautiful sandy beaches, small fishing villages and the wild Atlantic Ocean.

The central part of the west coast is the Connacht Province and includes the Counties of Leitrium, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon and Galway. Within the region you will still here the ancient language of Irish Gaelic spoken. Connacht is one of the least populated regions and has a beautiful coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The Leinster Province is extends along the east coast of Ireland and includes the city of Dubline. This area is comprised of the combination of 3 ancient kingdoms: the Kingdoms of Meath (Mide), Osraige and Leinster. Within its borders are 12 Counties. The major county is the city of Dublin which was originally a British settlement established by the Norman invaders from England in 1169. The counties found within the Leister Province include: Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow

Some of the most well known sights to visit while on Vacation in Ireland:
Stop by the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and learn about the history of the famous brew "Guinness".

Travel to the Blarney castle just outside Cork Ireland and kiss the Blarney stone. You will be rewarded with the fit of charming folks as the words roll off your tongue.

Hike along the beautiful Cliff of Moher and enjoy the dramatic scenery of the west coast of Ireland.

The majority of Ireland vacation rentals are the quaint stone cottages that are found scattered around the country. They usually incorporate a rustic European charm and quaintness that make a vacation in Ireland a time to remember.