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Belgiums is made up of 3 different regions. The Wallon Region is located in southern Belgium and consist of the mainly French speaking population. Belgium is a country that is famous for it's museums, beer and chocolate. A vacation to Belgium would not be complete without visiting the museums in Brussels. There are over 85 different museums that include art, history and science that are perfect for Belgium family vacations. Beer lovers will enjoy attempting to taste over 650 types of beer including the beers from the Trappist Monasteries. Wallonia is also where the Belgium Industrial Revolution occurred. The largest city in Wallonia is Liege. The Flemish Region is where Dutch is the main language. This region is home to historical cities of Antwerp and Bruges. The third region is known as Brussels Capital Region. This section of Belgium is bilingual with signs in both French and Flemish are spoken. Within the Brussels Region there are 19 different municipalities.

Belgium Vacations

Things to see and do in Belgium

Visit Bouillon Fortress a fortified medieval castle built in the 8th century on Semois river.

Stroll through Brussels and the Petit Sablon Square, an ancient horse market that today displays beautiful fountains and gardens.

Indulge in the art collection from David Van Buren while visiting Brussels: a collection of Flemish and Italian masters from the 15-19th centuries.

Near Luxembourg you will find The Castle of Bouillon, the birthplace Godefroid, the leader of the first Crusade (1096).

Enjoy the 15,000 rosebushes at the Chateau of Havré, in the town Mons.


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