Surrounded by Netherland to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the south, the Wallonia Region to the west and the Flemish Region to the northwest, the Belgian province of Liège is one of the five provinces of the German speaking Region of Belgium. Liège's strong line of reinforced fortresses was the first bulwark against German invasions during World War I, and the province was the scene of heavy fighting in the famous 'Battle of the Bulge' during the Second World War. The province's capital Liège city is known as the cultural center of Wallonia because of its rich architectural heritage and vibrant artistic life. Straddling the Meuse river, the city of Liège stands at the junction of an important motorway network linking Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne, and its Liege-Guillemins railway station is one of the most modern and biggest train hubs in Europe. The historic city is home to attractions like the magnificent Prince Bishops' Palace, the 10th century St Paul's Cathedral, and Belgium's oldest and largest market 'La Batte,' and The Collegial church of Saint Bartholemew, which is is one of 'Belgium's Magnificent Seven'- the 7 most important historical treasures. A walk along the scenic and serene Meuse river and a stroll through the Coteaux de la Citadelle—Liège's historical center dotted with more than 60 monuments, staircases, orchards, and courtyards—are absolutely not to be missed. The city can also be called the gastronomical capital of the Region, with specialties like Boulets a la Liégoise, Salade Liégoise, Liege Waffles, and Café Liégois to relish.

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