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The Costa Rican culture can be summed up in two words—Pura Vida. An everyday greeting in Costa Rica, Pura Vida has become famous around the world as an expression of happiness, satisfaction, well-being, and joyful optimism. It's a Spanish expression that literally means "Pure Life," but in the context of the Costa Rican culture, it symbolizes the relaxed and peaceful lifestyle that defines this country. Intertwined with hope and gratitude is a deep love of nature, which makes Costa Rica home to 22 national parks, 12 biological reserves, and 8 forest reserves. Costa Rica boasts an admirable 5% of the world's plant and animal species despite occupying just 0.03% of the earth's surface. The emphasis on preserving nature has contributed to the rise of ecotourism, which now constitutes the major portion of the national income. Costa Rica vacation spots allow you the opportunity to observe and interact with nature in Costa Rica than you can ever imagine unless you visit here. Costa Rica vacation ideas can include touring coffee plantations, hiking through forests, rafting in foaming white waters, riding horses across the breathtaking landscapes, or watching whales during a cruise—there are so many choices that you can always plan a second (and third) vacation.

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Costa Rica Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Costa Rica

For tourists short on time or budget the absolute must-do things during Costa Rica vacation include surfing, white water rafting, coffee tasting, and hiking through forests. A multitude of surfing areas and a variety of surfing conditions have made Costa Rica a magnet for surfers from around the world. Most of the surfing areas are located on the Pacific coast, although the Caribbean also boasts a few very popular spots.

Hiking through Cinco Ceibas is another experience worth having. Located in the Valle de Sarapiqui, it's a huge private reserve that features Costa Rica's longest boardwalk through the forest. For more serious hikers, there's a two-day trek from Monteverde to Arenal that takes you through breathtaking cloud forests and rivers. Coming to the rivers, they offer enough whitewater variety for rafting by families as well as professionals. The rivers are gentler near Manuel Antonio on the central Pacific coast, a perfect location for a rafting or kayaking with the kids.

A vacation in Costa Rica can be rewarding because of its amazing and diverse landscape that is famous for its numerous coffee plantations. So, a vacation to Costa Rica is not complete until you take a tour to one or more of the eight coffee regions, each one of which has its own unique coffee flavor. The country is a paradise for the coffee aficionados, who will never run out of blends to experiment with. And for the average tourist, the lush green untouched countryside is peaceful and serene, a place where you can feel on top of the world with a cup of freshly brewed beverage in your hand.

Tortuguero tops the list of must see places in Costa Rica. Located off the Caribbean coast, the splendid town of Tortuguero and its adjacent National Park are accessible only by boat from the town of Moin or a plane ride from San Jose. The village itself very is small, but it’s the Tortuguero National Park and the overall regional culture that are worth exploring. The Tortuguero National Park is a highly diverse park boasting lofty rainforests, marshy lands, beaches, and rivers, where it's not unusual to spot a crocodile. The Park offers a spectrum of exciting activities, but the most fascinating experience is to watch the Green Sea Turtles laying or hatching eggs at night.

Located in the South Puntarenas, the Corcovado National Park is another ecologically diverse and biologically intense place that is a must see. Ecotourism is at its best here, because the Park is mostly undisturbed and naturally beautiful. It features the world's only lowland rainforest where endangered animal and plant species thrive. The inaccessibility and isolation of the 41,000 hectare Park has preserved almost 700 species of animals and more than 500 species of plants and trees. You can spot the exotic Scarlet Macaws, the Resplendent Quetzals, the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, the Tapir, the poison arrow frog, indigenous wild cats, crocodiles, pumas, jaguars, and many types of sea turtles here. The best time for a vacation in Costa Rica is during the dry season which occurs from December through February, unless of course you want to experience the Costa Rica rainforests during the rainy season, then you should go during May through October. In the Puntarenas district along the beach coastline you will find plenty of Costa Rica boutique hotels and resorts that are the perfect for singles or couples looking for that perfect Costa Rica vacation spot.

Vacations to Costa Rica are popular with families and individuals looking for something unique. Costa Rica destinations are known for their wildlife, volcanoes and jungles. And the Costa Rica rentals usually incorporate the surrounding ambiance into their style.