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Nicaragua vacation rentals are located in Central American. It is a country with two coasts: one on the east facing the Caribbean Sea and one on the west facing the Pacific ocean. The capital of Nicaragua is Managua which has a population of 1.8 million. There were originally multiple indigenous groups located within Nicaragua. Many of these indigenous groups still exist. The Pacific region is home to the Chorotega, Cacaopera, Sutiaba and the Náhuatl. On the Caribbean coast are the Miskitu, Sumu-Mayangna and the Rama. Everything changed when the Spanish conquistadors arrived during the 16th century and Nicaragua fell under their rule. Nicaragua then became a part of Guatemala, a region that was ruled by the Spanish Capitiancy General of Guatemala. In 1821, when Napoleon defeated the Spanish King, Nicaragua declared independence and became an independent country. The interior of Nicaragua destinations are mountainous and has several lakes of volcanic origin that create a beautiful landscape. It is also known as having the largest lake, Lago de Nicaragua, in Central America. There are many Nicaragua vacation rentals in Nicaragua where you should stay.

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Visit the amazing Leon Cathedral in Leon, Nicaragua which was built in 1747 and the early 19th century and is known for it's unique architecture which includes the styles from Baroque to Neoclassical periods. It is one of the top favorite Nicaragua destinations

Visit Granada, the oldest city in Nicaragua was founded by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba in 1524, and is considered one of the oldest colonial cities of Central America.

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