Barbados Vacation Rentals & Boutique Hotels

Barbados vacation rentals and Barbados boutique hotels are located in the southern arc of the Caribbean Islands. It was originally part of the British West Indies, but that association dissolved and the island is now a member of the British Commonwealth. Barbados obtained their independence from England in 1966. Located in the Atlantic ocean approximately 300 miles north of Venezuela. Barbados vacation rentals are a combination of multiple cultures. Historically, the island was claimed by England in the 1600's and many of their influences are still found. Cricket is a popular sport on the island, the people drive on the left side of the road, their government is based on the structure of the British Parliament and the best restaurants serve a British high tea every afternoon. Sugar cane fields are scattered around the island, providing a source for 5 sugar cane spirit distillers. Barbados is also known for their "Rum Shops" which are small houses that sell rum. There are many Barbados destinations that you should visit.

Barbados Vacation Rentals & Boutique Hotels

Barbados vacations: Boutique Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Barbados vacation rentals and Barbados boutique hotels are home to some amazing beaches, great weather and most importantly some of the best people in the entire world. If you are looking for a welcoming, and great vacation, look no further than the amazing island of Barbados. One of the most northern islands in the Caribbean, Barbados vacation rentals are home to some amazing things to experience. No matter if you are one to love soaking up the sun on the beach, someone who enjoys some Latin rhythm or somebody who wants to throw the work phone away and enjoy a stress-free vacation, Barbados is the place for you. This family friendly island is open, and they cannot wait to meet you. In this article we are going to dive into some of the basics of the geography of the island, then move to what to expect in terms of culture on the island, and finish our adventure with some of the must see spots on the island. Grab your flip flops and shades, and let’s head down to enjoy these Barbados vacation rentals and Barbados boutique hotels!

Geography of Barbados Vacation Rentals

The island known for Barbados family vacations covers over 70 square miles and offers numerous opportunities to get out and enjoy the sun. The main attractions for visiting Barbados are the beautiful beaches and beach vacations in Barbados are one of main attractions of the island. Since the island is coral in nature, the Barbados beaches offer some of the most amazing sand in the world. With a mix of white sand and exotic pink sand, Barbados is truly an amazing place. You can divide the beaches into for distinct areas, the north, the south, the west and the east. The North has become infamous with its coral and sandstone cliffs that rise hundreds of feet out of the ocean. These Barbados beaches are the perfect Instagram hot spot and allow for a mix of semi private and great local businesses. The southern and western beaches are truly amazing and have cliffs that rise between 50 and 100 feet that separate small sandy beaches and bays. Finally, the southern beaches consist of coral formations that circle the coastline and have a mix of sand and coral rocks. These coral rocks can sometimes look like abstract sculptures that have made them a must stop for the amateur photographer.

Beaches popular for Barbados vacation rentals

With this in mind, we have handpicked three Barbados beaches that you need to visit while on vacation in Barbados.

Welches Beach- This small little oasis has been made into a paradise. The island has invested heavily in renovations on this beach and is now home to a mix of natural and imported sand, great landscaping and a great little board walk. The island is located on the South Coast and is easily accessible by car or bus.

Mullins Beach- Located on the West Coast, Mullins is popular with both locals and vacationers. With tranquil turquoise waters and white sand, what is not to love about this spot that is perfect for Barbados vacation rentals.

Crane Beach- This is the most beautiful beach in the world, it is that simple. This could be because of the amazing white sand, great water and even more beautiful palm trees. You need to make it a priority to get to Crane Beach, and what makes it even easier is you can simply take the main highway.

Culture surrounding Barbados Boutique Hotels

Although the island has influences from Spain, France and the local indigenous population, the two cultures that have had the most influence are the British and the West African. This combination of culture is what makes Barbados family vacations unique.

British Influence
The British have been in the area since 1625, and have had influences that have lasted until today. First and foremost, the architecture on the island is dominantly British. You will see Georgian, Victorian and Jacobean styles throughout the island and has some of the best preserved British architecture in the Commonwealth. Further to this, Barbados is home to the third oldest Parliamentary democracy which has stayed in service since 1639. Although this has not been without its tough periods, including a burning of the assembly. Finally, the British brought over a sport that is relatively alien to the America’s, cricket. The sport is extremely popular and sends players to represent the island on the West Indies Team which competes with the likes of India, Pakistan, England and even Sri Lanka.

West Africa Influence
African slaves built the bedrock of Barbados, and today their influence is stronger than ever. If you are in town for the Cropover Festival, you will need to attend. This annual festival to celebrate the harvesting of the sugarcane crops runs for three weeks in July and August and includes multiple fairs, some amazing parades and a lot of music. Speaking of music, the music of the island is Calypso. This upbeat music is often paired with social commentary in a stark contrast that catches the ears of all who pass by. Finally, the food is what draws the locals and vacationers to the markets and restaurants that dot the shore. With Creole flavours matching with fresh seafood and veggies, it is not hard to see why the island has the finest cuisine in all of the British Caribbean.

Landmarks of Barbados Boutique Hotels

These landmarks include some of the best Barbados destinations.

Signal Stations- Cotton Tower, Grenade Hall and Gun Hill- Originally built as a way to send smoke signals to the island, these three sites were chosen for strategic purposed, but today offer some of the best views of the island. Take a hike, and take in some truly breathtaking sites!

George Washington House- Before becoming President of the United States, George Washington spent two months on the island of Barbados in 1751. This island getaway has been maintained and can be seen in St. Matthias on the southern tip of Barbados.

Needham's Point Lighthouse- Standing on the grounds of the current Hilton Barbados Hotel, Needhams Point Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse on the island. The grounds around the lighthouse are open to exploring, and if you are lucky, you might even get to see it work its magic at night!

Sunbury Plantation House and Museum- Once home to a very early settler on the island, the Sudbury House tells a tale of the plantations that once dominated the landscape on this island. The house itself is over 300 years old and offers a glimpse into history on the island that not many tourists get to experience while on their vacation.

The rest is up to you, pack your swim gear, a pair of good hiking shoes and some sunscreen and experience a vacation in Barbados and this wonderful island will suit all your needs.

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